Will there be another Pink Panther movie?

Now, after more than a decade after Steve Martin’s 2009 sequel Pink Panther 2 nearly killed the series for good, the Pink Panther franchise is set to continue again in a brand new movie from MGM. Jeff Fowler, who directed this year’s Sonic the Hedgehog film, is set to direct.

Will there ever be a Pink Panther 3?

The Pink Panther 3 is an upcoming mystery comedy & live action/animated film directed by Shawn Levy and Harald Zwart and produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Columbia Pictures distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing (North America) and Universal Pictures (International).

Why is the Pink Panther Not in the movie?

The reason Sellers is absent from so much of the film’s beginning is that originally, The Pink Panther was meant as a vehicle for Niven. In fact, Niven remains the top-billed actor for the flick, and Sellers was hired for a supporting role.

Who is the best Inspector Clouseau?

Starring Peter Sellers. Sellers portrayed his his most iconic creation as bumbling French Inspector Jacques Clouseau in five “Pink Panther” films. In each case, Clouseau stumbled his way into solving a major crime, and Sellers became a huge movie star in the process.

What is the second Pink Panther movie called?

A Shot in the Dark, British screwball comedy film, released in 1964, that was the second installment in the Pink Panther series.

Where was Pink Panther filmed?

The film was shot in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Rome and Rocca di Papa; Paris, France; and Los Angeles, U.S., using the Technirama process in an aspect ratio of 2.20:1.

What strain is Pink Panther?

About this Hybrid Strain – This heady sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain creates frosty, irregular shaped nugs with a smell of fruits and pine. The Pink Panther’s buzz hits the head and the body in a balanced fashion, alleviating headaches, migraines, depression, stress, mood swings, and anxiety.


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