Will there be an Eternals movie?

“Obviously, we have ideas of where we could go, but there isn’t a hard and fast rule where we have to have three of these things and this is the first,” the film’s producer said. In other words, we’ll see Eternals 2 and Eternals 3 if it makes sense to have Eternals 2 and Eternals 3.

Is Black Knight a villain?

The Black Knight is the name of two characters in the Marvel universe, the first being a villain, and the second a hero.

What is the sword at the end of Eternals?

The sword they’re looking at isn’t the Ebony Blade as it turns out – it’s Excalibur – but the real thing turns up in the film’s second post-credits scene, in the possession of one Mr Whitman. Kept wrapped up in a chest stamped with his family crest, the sword is clearly a family heirloom.

Does Netflix have Eternals?

But, with all that, the entertainment continues with New OTT releases this week. While Pushpa: The Rise was probably the top binge among new OTT releases this past weekend, the week brings a few new shows on Netflix, Eternals on Disney+ Hotstar and an addition to the animation titles on Amazon Prime Video; and more.

Who controls the Eternals?

In the Eternals comics, Celestials are mysterious, giant cosmic space gods who are responsible for the Earth’s Eternals and Deviants races, who are nearly perpetually at war with one another. Every few thousand years, Celestials visit Earth as “Hosts” to observe, analyze, and pass judgment on Earth and its species.

What does Eternals mean for the MCU?

The Eternals were sent to Earth to help cultivate humanity and rid the planet of Deviants at the same time. They set technological advancements, civilizations, medicine, arts, and everything in between into motion.

How long is Shang Chi?

2h 12m


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