Will there be a sequel to The Ice Road?

In June 2021, the streaming service premiered The Ice Road starring Liam Neeson; however, the film doesn’t end with a cliffhanger that blatantly teases a sequel. Still, producers may greenlight The Ice Road 2 because of Neeson’s star power and the entertainment value of Jonathan Hensleigh’s disaster movie.

Is The Ice Road a sequel to cold pursuit?

Nope, despite a desperate Liam Neeson in winter gear driving something, “The Ice Road” is not a sequel to 2019’s “Cold Pursuit.” And at no point does he drop someone into an icy lake and growl, “Revenge is a dish — best served cold.” There’s a minimum of Neeson-fu (just a skosh), but he does get to show off another

Is Kehoe Colorado a real place?

Despite providing the setting for the 2019 film Cold Pursuit, the quaint ski town of Kehoe doesn’t actually exist.

Did Liam Neeson drive in The Ice Road?

Review: Liam Neeson adds truck driving skills in rollicking ‘The Ice Road’ Liam Neeson’s very particular skill in “The Ice Road” is semi-truck driving — across frozen Canadian lakes, as indicated by the title of his new movie, which streams on Netflix starting Friday, June 25.

Is Cold Pursuit a remake of In Order of Disappearance?

Cold Pursuit is a remake of the Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance and stars Liam Neeson and Laura Dern.

What happened to the little boy in Cold Pursuit?

Nels starts to leave, but White Bull forces him to let him join him. Later that night, Kim and Gip come across the scene. Viking is still alive until Gip finds him, and he finally dies. Ryan then gets out and drives the snowplow away from the scene, and the officers must follow him.

What town was Cold Pursuit filmed in?

Although this production is set in Kehoe, Colorado, Cold Pursuit was filmed in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. This is a story of revenge that doubles as a black comedy.

Why did they need a well head in ice road?

Plot Summary – The tunnel collapses, thereby trapping the 26 miners inside. The miners can not be rescued until the methane gas is drilled and capped. The mine owners deduce that to drill and cap a methane pocket, they need a 30-ton gas wellhead.

How much did Liam Neeson make on ice road?

How much did Liam Neeson get paid for ‘The Ice Road’? Netflix picked up the action flick for $18 million, according to Deadline.

What is Liam Neeson’s new movie on Netflix?

Netflix has a massive list of action and thriller movies and soon will add a new one to the lineup. A Walk Among the Tombstones starring Liam Neeson is coming to the streamer on March 16.

Is Sean Penn rich?

Sean Penn is an American actor, director and activist. Sean Penn has a net worth of $70 million. His net worth was previously much higher when combined with ex-wife Robin Wright.

What is Liam Neeson’s real name?

Liam Neeson, in full William Neeson, (born June 7, 1952, Ballymena, Northern Ireland), Northern Irish American actor perhaps best known for playing powerful leading men.

Who plays gurdy in ice road?

User reviews962. American trucker Mike McCann (Liam Neeson) is struggling to care for his mechanic brother Gurty (Marcus Thomas), a former soldier with brain issues.

Is The Ice Road movie a remake?

The Ice Road
Music byMax Aruj

How does a wellhead save trapped miners?

But the only way to save the miners is to transport a wellhead to drain the methane so those trapped can be safely drilled out. The Canadian government springs into action (!?) and soon, trucking company owner Laurence Fishburne is tapped to assemble a crack crew of drivers.

What movie is number one on Netflix?

#Films (English)Weeks in Top 10
2A Perfect Pairing3
3The Amazing Spider-Man1
4Senior Year4

Does Netflix have blacklight?

Is Blacklight available on Netflix? It is never fun to report bad news, and for some, that is exactly what this will be, especially for those excited to see the latest action-packed Neeson-driven motion picture. But unfortunately, the movie Blacklight is not one of the many options available on Netflix.

Do ice roads really exist?

Ice roads are typically part of a winter road, but they can also be simple stand-alone structures, connecting two shorelines. Ice roads may be planned, built and maintained so as to remain safe and effective, and a number of guidelines have been published with information in these regards.

Was The Ice Road filmed in North Dakota?

North Dakota featured in new Netflix film “The Ice Road” starring Liam Neeson | KX NEWS.

How accurate is The Ice Road movie?

The particular story of “The Ice Road” is fictional, but there are aspects of the film which are true to life. For instance, while the plot and characters are completely made up, there is most definitely a very real ice road like the one show in the film, and it is in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Do ice road truckers ever fall through the ice?

Trucks do fall through the ice every couple of seasons. Real seasons that is. But they are usually the Snowcats that are sent out first to clear the way. When the ice depth is sixteen inches the vehicles travel out onto the ice, plowing the snow out of the way.

How realistic is ice road truckers?

For the most part, the scenes shown are pretty close to the real thing. In the video, Lisa agrees that the icy roads look totally authentic, while Todd comments on the validity of one of the characters in the movie saying that April is a dangerous time to drive the icy roads.

Is ice road truckers still being filmed?

Hit American TV series Ice Road Truckers premiered in 2007 and ended in 2017, with a whopping 138 episodes aired during its ten-year run.

Where is The Ice Road in Manitoba?

It’s 772 km (479 miles) long and stretches west from the communities of Shamattawa and Gillam in Manitoba and east to Peawanuck. In 2011 the road was made a bit longer, arriving to Winisk. Proper preparation is essential to having a safe, enjoyable trip on this road.

Where is The Ice Road in Canada?

Ice Road A Diamond Mines, Northwest Territories, Canada story. The world’s longest ice road connects Yellowknife to three diamond mines: Ekati, Diavik, and Snap Lake. Of the 475 kilometers (300 miles) of ice road, 86 percent of it is across frozen lakes.

Where is The Ice Road located?

Where is the real “Ice Road” located? The ice road that inspired the movie is located in Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT), a sprawling Arctic region which encompasses 40% of Canada’s landmass.

Where is Ice Road Truckers located?

Read all. The treacherous job of driving trucks over frozen lakes, also known as ice roads, in Canada’s Northwest Territories and Alaska’s improved but still remote Dalton Highway, which is mainly snow-covered solid ground.

Is The Ice Road a Netflix original?

Well, although it’s a Netflix Original, Netflix didn’t produce the movie. Instead, it just acquired the exclusive distribution rights in the United States meaning it can only show the movie there.

How thick are the ice roads?

Ice-roads are usually declared when the ice thickness exceeds 7.9 inches (20 cm). The limitations therefore for ice road traffic would normally include a speed limit of 19 mph or 30km/h; sometimes less in certain areas.


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