Will there be a Con Air 2?

Cage has already confirmed his interest in returning for Face/Off 2 during an interview with GQ, so a Con Air sequel doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.

When did Face Off movie come out?

June 19, 1997 (USA)

Does Netflix have Con Air?

Rent Con Air (1997) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

What happens Con Air?

When Cameron Poe, of the US Army, is found guilty of manslaughter after killing a drunk man while protecting his wife outside a bar, he is sent to jail for eight years. During that time his daughter is born, but he waits patiently in his cell until his release date.

Where does Con Air take place?

Con Air was filmed on location in Utah and Nevada. Some of the Nevada filming locations included Wendover Airfield and Valley of Fire State Park (source). However, one of the film’s most exciting scenes featured a plane crash on the Las Vegas Strip.

What was the budget for Conair?

75 million USD

Is Conair a Michael Bay film?

Con Air is an imitation of a Michael Bay film. It has the same mixture of aggressive action tropes, absurd plotting, romantic sentimentality, and over-the-top set pieces as his films. However, it is not a film by Michael Bay; it lacks the paradoxically balletic chaos that defines Bay’s formal approach.

Who directed the rock?

Michael Bay


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