Will there be a Batman death of the family movie?

Batman: Death in the Family is a 2020 American animated interactive short film based on alternate outcomes of the storyline of the same name. It is a spiritual sequel to Batman: Under the Red Hood and was released on Blu-ray on October 13, 2020.

Is Jensen Ackles in Batman: Death in the Family?

Jensen Ackles, who originally voiced Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010), did not return due to scheduling conflicts with the final season of Supernatural.

How many times has Jensen Ackles voice Batman?

The two recently released animated direct-to-video films Batman: The Long Halloween Parts One and Two were both met with moderate success and acclaim. In these last two iterations, Jensen Ackles voiced the Caped Crusader.

Is Jensen Ackles a fan of Batman?

Jensen Ackles has been a fan-favorite choice for the role of Batman for some time, with the actor finally providing the vocals for the character in 2021 adaptation of the celebrated comic book run Batman: The Long Halloween.

Which Batman did Jensen Ackles play in?

He voiced the Dark Knight in the two-part animated adaption of The Long Halloween, one of the most iconic Batman stories. Ackles also voiced Jason Todd, the second Robin, in the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood, an adaptation of another well-known Batman storyline.

How many versions of Batman: Death in the Family are there?

Instead, the digital release will consist of four distinct, non-interactive versions of the movie.

What’s after Batman: Under the Red Hood?

Continuation. A follow-up film titled Batman: Death in the Family was released on October 13, 2020, a decade after Under the Red Hood with Greenwood, Martella, and DiMaggio reprising their roles. Zehra Fazal plays Talia al Ghul and Gary Cole plays both Two-Face and Commissioner Gordon.

Is Batman: Death in the Family on Netflix?

Is Batman: Death in the Family on Netflix? Batman: Death in the Family never made it to Netflix, unfortunately.

Why is Batman: Death in the Family R?

Very violent for kids.

Is Batman: Under the Red Hood canon?

Red Hood is officially part of the #Batman Animated Series Canon thanks to The Adventures continue comic on going Comic series. The most recent issue showed J Bird in his Timm Verse inspired costume.

Is there 2 versions of Batman: Death in the Family?

Even though the running time of any one version of the movie will be fairly short, there appear to be quite a few different possible story combinations, along with several alternate endings. Viewers will also have the option to passively watch the movie, with the Blu-ray automatically choosing story paths.

How do you say death in the family?

For instance, you can say something like: “I just wanted to reach out and let you know that my uncle recently passed away, and I’ll need 3-5 days off to be with my family and attend the funeral.” lf you’re close with a lot of people at your work, tell your boss when and where the funeral will be.


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