Will MJ remember Peter again?

Whether it’s in a potential Spider-Man 4 or later, MJ will remember who Peter is and they’ll live happily ever after. This was little more than fan fiction for a while, but now the official script has been released as part of the movie’s awards campaign (via Deadline).

Does MJ ever remember Peter Parker?

After a few emotional goodbyes, Doctor Strange performs the spell and wipes all memories of Peter Parker from the main MCU universe. Spider-Man: No Way Home’s ending shows Peter starting his new life where no one knows he is, including his girlfriend, Michelle Jones-Watson, and best friend, Ned Leeds.

Will there be a 4th Spider-Man?

Will there be a Spider-Man 4? Seems so! According to a New York Times interview with longtime Spider-Man producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal, a fourth film is in the works. “Amy and I and Disney and Sony are talking about — yes, we’re actively beginning to develop where the story heads next,” Feige said.

Does MJ remember Peter Parker in no way home?

The official script for Spider-Man: No Way Home reveals Michelle Jones/MJ may remember her ex-beau Peter Parker at the end of the film. The official script for Spider-Man: No Way Home reveals Michelle Jones/MJ may remember Peter Parker at the end of the film.

Will MJ and Peter get back together?

So, it’s still possible that Peter Parker could get back together with MJ by the start of the next trilogy, despite the tragic setup of No Way Home. But, ideally, that won’t happen again, and the story will begin with Peter continuing to be loveless with MJ still in Boston studying at MIT with Ned.

Do MJ and Peter get back together after No Way Home?

How MJ & Ned Could Remember Peter After Spider-Man

Who is Spider-Man’s best girlfriend?

The best girlfriend in Peter Parker’s life was the woman who went on to become his wife. This was model Mary Jane Watson, someone who Peter knew was way out of his league, but someone who fell in love with him anyway. Their marriage was one of the best in Marvel Comics history.

Does Spider-Man end up with MJ or Gwen?

Stan Lee revealed he never wanted Spider-Man and Mary Jane to end up together as a couple – his true love was always meant to be Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson are a classic comics couple, but Stan Lee always intended for Peter Parker to end up with his “one true love,” Gwen Stacy.

Does Felicia Hardy love Peter Parker?

Yet, during her ruse and despite her anger, Felicia began to fall back in love with Peter. In the end, the Black Cat double crossed the Foreigner and left for Europe to find a new life, which unexpectedly pushed Peter to find support and a new relationship with Mary Jane Watson.

Who does Peter Parker end up with?

in Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) #21

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson wed in holy matrimony! Check out the comic book wedding of the century, as the longtime couple takes the final plunge!

How does electro know Peter is Spider-Man?

When Electro remembers how he came to the MCU, he recalls his fight with Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. According to Electro, he was in a power grid and “absorbing data.” Because he was absorbing data, the theory states he likely discovered Spider-Man’s identity.

Will other Spider-Man remember Peter?

Out of all these, the only one who might not remember Peter is Thor, but just because they didn’t really share time together in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, though they both attended Tony Stark’s funeral.

Why did fury say don’t invoke her name?

As I see it, Fury’s “Don’t invoke her name,” is a sharp rebuke against Peter for having the gall to try to use Carol as an excuse for him to hide from responsibility and go back to being a teenager on summer vacation.

Can Hulk remember Peter Parker?

Previously, Spider-Man made everyone forget his secret identity (including Banner), but somehow, the Hulk remembered. This occurred in the infamous “One More Day” storyline, in which Parker made a Faustian bargain with Mephisto to undo his unmasking in Civil War.

Did Nick Fury forget Peter Parker?

Spider-Man: No Way Home Theory – Does Wong Remember Peter …

Does Nick Fury still know who Spider-Man is?

​ ​If ​Doctor Strange was speaking literally when he said that nobody in “the world” would remember Peter Parker, then – surely! – Nick Fury (the real Nick Fury, who has been on the moon this entire time) still remembers him.

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