Why Solo is a good movie?

Solo finds new layers to the character without reinventing him – which leads us to the film’s most surprising quality. Alden Ehrenreich is not just good in the lead role, he’s brilliant. When the film came out, rumors dogged his casting.

Is the Solo movie worth watching?

It’s also too dark and overly dramatic. However, it’s well acted, and it still has a few interesting parts and is probably worth watching if you’re a star wars fan, just to get a bit more of a backstory on han and lando, and stay up to date with the franchise.

How important is Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Because Solo is character-driven, it manages to give new context and depth to decades-old pop culture staples. From the subtle reveal that Beckett killed famed bounty hunter Aurra Sing to the Darth Maul cameo in its final act, Solo makes good on its built-in promise to expand the Star Wars universe.

What is the movie Solo about?

After falling by a cliff on a desert beach, a seriously injured surfer starts a lonely fight to survive against the merciless nature. After falling by a cliff on a desert beach, a seriously injured surfer starts a lonely fight to survive against the merciless nature.

Is Solo: A Star Wars Story canon?

Currently, the official Star Wars canon consists of 13 films: the nine episodes in the Skywalker Saga, two standalone films (Rogue One and Solo), and the 2008 animated feature film, The Clone Wars. The Skywalker Saga refers to the original story that began in 1977.

What is wrong with Dryden Vos face?

In the original draft of the film’s script, Vos was going to be based on Taanab. According to Paul Bettany, Vos’ facial marks were done by CGI and that he just discovered it when Howard sent him a photograph.

Why is Solo rated PG 13?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for sequences of sci-fi action/violence. Violence: Much of the run time of this movie portrays action violence using fantastical (for example, ray guns or “blasters”) and real (knives) weapons.

Did Solo movie do well?

Compounding the problem is the fact that the major reshoots ordered for the film sent the budget spiraling to over $250 million. The global weekend total for “Solo” didn’t even hit that figure, as overseas receipts only amounted to a measly $65 million, giving the film a worldwide haul of just $143 million.

Was Solo a flop?

On its release in May 2018, Solo – a standalone “anthology” Star Wars film filling in the backstory of Han Solo – underperformed at the box office, with a global take of $393m (£310m), well below the $1.06bn of the Franchise’s previous anthology film, Rogue One, released in 2016.

Is Rogue One worth watching?

On that note, Star Wars: Rogue One is still worth watching if you are a huge fan of the series. It features the same kind of action that you love and very likeable characters. As aforementioned, the fresh story is something critics of The Force Awakens will really like.

Did Solo bomb at the box office?

Given its earnings so far, in fact, this might be the first Star Wars movie to officially flop. This past weekend, Solo earned just $29.3 million—a 65-percent drop from its opening weekend, which was itself a disappointingly low take for a film with its high production budget. BuzzFeed’s Adam B.

How much did it cost to make Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Opening Weekend:$84,420,489 (39.5% of total gross)
Legs:2.53 (domestic box office/biggest weekend)
Domestic Share:54.4% (domestic box office/worldwide)
Production Budget:$275,000,000 (worldwide box office is 1.4 times production budget)

Why did Solo movie fail?

Arguably, Solo’s biggest issue is its reverence for the original films, which prevents it from striking out on its own. It’s a film that takes the concept of the origin story to ridiculous new heights.

Which is better Rogue One or Solo?

Rogue One is a war movie, while Solo is a heist movie. What really stands out is that Rogue One performed much better at the box office, earning $155 million in its first opening weekend as opposed to Solo’s disappointing $83.3 million. Both films went through a lot of reshoots and reported production issues.

What takes place first Solo or Rogue One?

The events of Solo take place before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars Rebels, the highly acclaimed animated series that’s in its fourth season, as pointed out by The Hollywood Reporter. That also means Solo takes place after Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith, and just after the Empire’s rise.


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