Why is Unikitty angry?

In Dr Fox’s lab, an Emotional Visualizer is created, a device to contain one of Unikitty’s emotions indefinitely. After accidentally landing on the sadness, boredom, and lovestruck sections of Unikitty’s personality, she finally reaches the anger side, which is extracted, leaving one of Unikitty’s ears on fire.

What is Unikitty’s personality?

Princess Unikitty (voiced by Tara Strong) — (singing voice by Juliana Hansen) – The princess of the Unikingdom who is a cat/unicorn hybrid. She is very happy, playful, cute, and upbeat, but has an angry side that she sometimes struggles to control.

Where is Unikitty from?

Unikitty/”Biznis” Kitty stalling President Business. In the first film, Unikitty is a kitten hybrid who lived in Cloud Cuckoo Land with the Master Builders, and later joined Emmet and his friends when the place was invaded by Bad Cop’s forces.

What kind of cat is Unikitty?

Unikitty is a pink unicorn-cat hybrid. She has a light pink muzzle with red blush spots on her cheeks that can change depending on her emotions.

What is the Unicorns name in the Lego movie?

Description. Unikitty is a unicorn-cat mash-up who remains a picture of happiness and positivity until she transforms herself into her brand new alter ego as Ultrakatty: an oversized, roaring fighting machine.

Does Unikitty have anger issues?

In the lab, Dr Fox notices that the anger levels on Unikitty have slightly spiked. Despite the stress Unikitty is going through, she still agrees to FeeBee, replacing every pink flower with blue ones, a colour FeeBee finds much better. This causes Unikitty’s stress to spike more.


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