Why is Underwater rated R?

The MPAA rating has been assigned for “sci-fi action and terror, and brief strong language.” The Kids-In-Mind.com evaluation includes a few scenes of people wearing underwear; many scenes of people being attacked by unfamiliar creatures, a couple of people imploding due to pressure changes with blood shown, jump scenes

Is Underwater movie good for kids?

Not for younger kids.

Why is Underwater rated 15+?

As far as parental concerns go, Underwater is a pretty standard PG-13 action/horror. It stands out for a lack of awkward sexual innuendo or dialogue but overcompensates in the language and violence categories.

Is underwater a good movie?

Overall, Underwater is a pretty fair film. It could be a lot worse. It turns out to be a worthy sci fi horror film that is worth watching if your into those kind of movies. It is fast paced with action, has a good cast ensemble, and puts you onto the edge of your seat.

Why is Underwater scary?

Part of what makes the film so scary is that most of what you’re seeing on screen is real. Well, as real as it can be, anyway. The film’s production utilized monstrous sets that contained vast underwater tanks, leading to some very palpable terror from the actors.

Why are things Underwater scary?

Top 10 Creepy Underwater Facts That Will Terrify You

What happens at the end of Underwater?

Instead, in the end, she gives up her chance to escape the doomed ship (and a very scary sea creature, but never mind that) to save two side characters before blowing up the very ship she is stranded on. Not exactly a happy ending — just like Stewart wanted.

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