Why is Cinderella Rated PG 13?

The MPAA rated Cinderella PG for suggestive material and language.

Why is a Cinderella story pg 13?

Ever After originally received a PG-13 in theaters due to some confusion about muffled profanities. These were supposedly removed for the home video release.

Is the movie ever after on Disney plus?

Watch Ever After: A Cinderella Story | Full movie | Disney+

Is there magic in ever after?

The “magic” of the story is removed in an attempt to root it in reality, and with that, the movie suffers from a relatively slow pace; despite only being two hours, a few cuts here and there would have been appreciated.

What is ever after?

Definition of ever after – : from that time forward She remembered him fondly ever after.

Is ever after a book?

Ever After: A Cinderella Story (Laurel-Leaf Books) Mass Market Paperback – August 10, 1998. A prince in search of a princess, a domineering baroness and her two daughters, and an orphaned servant girl who sleeps in the ashes by the fireplace.

How old was Drew Barrymore ever after?

The actress on ‘Ever After’, what she thinks of fairy tale love, and how 2000’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ came to be. When Drew Barrymore was 23 and took the part of Danielle in Ever After—her favorite role ever in her decades-long career, she says—it was her declaration of adulthood.

Is Cinderella Musical OK for kids?

What age is Cinderella appropriate for? Cinderella the musical is recommended for anyone aged six and over.

How long is Cinderella 2021 musical?

How long is Cinderella? The Cinderella musical running time is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Evening performances typically begin at 7:30pm and end at 10:10pm. Matinee performances typically begin at 2:30pm and end at 5:10pm.

How woke is the new Cinderella movie?

Even the most progressive movies are often deemed insufficiently woke by select critics. Yet the latest take on “Cinderella,” bound for Amazon Prime, is being shredded for being … too woke. The film boasts a brutal 37 percent “rotten” score at RottenTomatoes.com hours before its digital release.

Is Cinderella The musical worth seeing?

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newest triumph Cinderella is set to be a classic, with powerful ballads, fabulous costumes and quick-witted humour. It’s been a long, hard slog to get Cinderella up and running on the West End stage having been delayed by a year due to the pandemic, but it’s more than worth the wait.

How long is Cinderella ALW?

What is the running time of the show? The show is approximately 2 hour 40 minutes long including one 20-minute interval.

Who is Cinderella in the West End?

CharacterWest End
CinderellaCarrie Hope Fletcher
Alternate CinderellaGeorgina Onuorah
Prince SebastianIvano Turco
The QueenRebecca Trehearn

Who is in frozen the musical?

CharacterBroadway (2018)West End (2021)
ElsaCaissie LevySamantha Barks
KristoffJelani AlladinObioma Ugoala
HansJohn RiddleOliver Ormson
OlafGreg HildrethCraig Gallivan

Where is Cinderella in the West End?

The World Premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella is now performing at London’s Gillian Lynne Theatre, a new romantic musical comedy featuring a book by 2021 OSCAR winner Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Women) and lyrics by Tony & Olivier Award winner David Zippel (City of Angels).

Where is Cinderella on in London?

Cinderella is showing at the Gillian Lynne Theatre in London’s West End. The full address for the Gillian Lynne Theatre is 166 Drury Lane, Holborn, London, WC2B 5PW.

Who played Cinderella in the musical?

StarringJulie Andrews Jon Cypher Edith Adams Kaye Ballard Alice Ghostley
ComposerRichard Rodgers
Country of originUnited States

Is Andrew Lloyd Webber Cinderella good?

Jules Foote recommends Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella. A fabulous humorous musical with a great cast and amazing singing! Loved the rotating stage and audience and loved the twist at the end.

Is Cinderella on Prime kid friendly?

Wondering if Amazon Prime Video’s 2021 Cinderella is ok for kids? Rated PG, it’s mostly kid friendly, but does have some salty language and innuendos. Many tweens will want to watch for Camila Cabello’s rendition of Cinderella.

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