Why Is Big Hero 6 So Bad?

Everything Wrong With Big Hero 6

Is Big Hero 6 a bad movie?

Big Hero 6 is sweet, well animated and has passable characters other than Baymax, the healthcare robot, which has more depth. It’s not amazing by any means but still an overall enjoyable movie. It’s super fast-paced and feels a bit rushed at times, especially at the start of the movie.

What rating is Finding Nemo?


Why is Turbo rated PG?

Turbo is rated PG by the MPAA for some mild action and thematic elements. Violence: Some characters are crushed while others are snatched up by birds and eaten. Others experience frequent peril. A snail is nearly run over by a lawnmower.

Is Bolt scary for kids?

Bolt is a fast-paced animated adventure film that is clever, witty and entertaining for both children and adults. The film does contain some scenes of animals and children in danger, which may distress younger viewers.

Can teens use Bolt?

Children and teenagers under 18 years of age can’t travel alone without an adult accompanying them. Drivers are allowed to reject an order requested for a child or by a person under 18.

Why is Bolt PG?

Bolt is rated PG by the MPAA for some mild action and peril. The opening scenes of the film provide plenty of explosive action as Penny and the technologically-altered Bolt are chased by cars, motorcycles and helicopters that launch missiles at the pair.

Is 101 Dalmatians rated G?

Parents need to know that Disney’s classic puppy tale 101 Dalmatians is rated G but may contain a few disturbing scenes featuring one the studio’s vilest villains, Cruella de Vil.

Is the movie Bolt scary?

There are some scenes of peril (explosions, hostage situations, evil cats) in the TV-show-within-a-movie, but after the first few action-packed minutes of the movie, it’s made clear to the audience that it’s all manufactured. There’s also a tense, potentially scary fire during the movie’s climax.

Will there be a Bolt 2 movie?

Bolt 2 is an upcoming Walt Disney Animation Studios movie coming out in September 2018/2019. Presented by Walt Disney Pictures & Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Are there any scary parts in Bolt?

The movie is great the movie as several parts were the animals insult each other including a cat that calls Bolt stupid. This movie gives the massage that you can’t believe everything. There are some scary parts but they always turn out ok .

What rating is up?

Parents need to know that Up is the second Pixar movie (after The Incredibles) to receive a PG rating, mostly due to a few potentially frightening scenes involving a band of trained talking dogs trying to get rid of the protagonists, some moments where characters almost fall from a floating house, and some guns firing.

Does Bolt have a rating?

As a Bolt driver, your ratings are an indication of how well you treat your rider. High ratings mean that you can continue to use the app as well as enjoy great bonuses while low ratings can lead to your losing your driving privileges.

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