Why does Fargo say true story?

The wood-chipper bit was inspired by a real-life murder that occurred in Connecticut about a decade before Fargo was released. A man named Richard Crafts was arrested and found guilty of killing his wife and using a wood chipper to dispose of her body.

Why does Fargo say its a true story when its not?

Ethan Coen first explained why the pair added the “true story” disclaimer to the film, saying, “We wanted to make a movie just in the genre of a true story movie. You don’t have to have a true story to make a true story movie.” Still, it turns out “Fargo” may be more realistic than you think.

Is Season One of Fargo really a true story?

But fortunately for the show’s countless murders, nothing about Fargo’s first season is based on fact. Martin Freeman’s Lester Nygaard and Billy Bob Thornton’s Lorne Malvo are completely fictional.

Why is it called Fargo?

Even though the movie takes place mostly in Brainerd, Minnesota, the Coen brothers decided to call it Fargo, which is in North Dakota, just because they liked the sound of it for a title better than Brainerd, which “was not cool enough.” Fargo is where Jerry Lundegaard meets the two hoods he hires to kidnap his wife.

Is Fargo TV really a true story?

However, neither the movie nor the TV show are actually based on true events. In a 2014 interview, the show’s executive producer Noah Hawley clarified the “true story” episode introductions by saying “the show. It’s all just made up.

How much of Fargo is true?

Which all leads us back to the question: Is any of this a true story as the film claims? For the most part, the answer is no. In 2016, in honor of the film’s 20th anniversary, Ethan Coen told HuffPost that the disclaimer was added to the film to set a specific tone.


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