Why didn’t they make more Sky High movies?

Sky High 2 was held back by financial complications – However, the box office performance of “Sky High” wasn’t up to Disney’s standards (it made a little over $83 million worldwide against a 35 million budget, according to Box Office Mojo), and thus neither “Save U” nor the “Sky High” TV series ever saw the light of day.

What happened in Sky High movie?

Estrella successfully removes the bags from the hotel but when she was about to remove the simcard, Don Rogelio’s hired killer (police officer) shoots Estrella and leaves with the bag. It was Sole’s father Don Rogelio who stepped in. To save his daughter, he erased all evidence leading to her.

Did Disney make Sky High?

Sky High is a 2005 American superhero comedy film from Walt Disney Pictures. It was directed by Mike Mitchell and was written by Paul Hernandez, Robert Schooley, and Mark McCorkle.

Who plays war and peace in Sky High?

Warren Peace, is one of the main characters of the movie, Sky High. He’s the son of Barron Battle, a supervillain who was arrested by the Commander and Jetstream. He’s portrayed by Steven Strait.

Who was the fire guy in Sky High?

Steven Strait portrayed Warren Peace, the son of a supervillain. He and Will started out as enemies, but became friends later. Warren could create and manipulate fire, and had a reputation as a bad boy at Sky High.


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