Why did Solo movie fail?

Arguably, Solo’s biggest issue is its reverence for the original films, which prevents it from striking out on its own. It’s a film that takes the concept of the origin story to ridiculous new heights.

Did the Solo movie lose money?

Total Loss: -$76.9M – However, Solo: A Star Wars Story arrived in theaters already stigmatized by several factors.

How much money did Solo loose?

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” could lose at least $50 million for Disney and Lucasfilm, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A Wall Street analyst told THR that “Solo” will lose more than $50 million, while other industry financing sources told the outlet that the film’s loss could exceed $80 million.

Did Solo do well at the box office?

Compounding the problem is the fact that the major reshoots ordered for the film sent the budget spiraling to over $250 million. The global weekend total for “Solo” didn’t even hit that figure, as overseas receipts only amounted to a measly $65 million, giving the film a worldwide haul of just $143 million.

Was Star Wars a box office failure?

‘Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker’ Is The Biggest-Grossing Box Office Disappointment Ever.

Are they going to make Solo 2?

While fans can be excited for the various new projects coming to Disney+, it seems that Solo won’t be getting a sequel ever because Kennedy only sees the movie as a mistake.

How much money did the force awakens make?

2.066 billion USD

How much did Star Wars Rogue one make?

Rogue One grossed $532.2 million in the United States and Canada and $523.8 million in other countries for a worldwide total of $1.056 billion.


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