Why can’t I watch Suicide Squad on Netflix?

While Netflix does house a number of DC movies and TV shows, The Suicide Squad unfortunately won’t be one of them. In fact, it’s unlikely that the film will ever appear on Netflix as HBO Max has the exclusive streaming rights to it considering that it’s a Warner Bros. title.

Is Suicide Squad on any Netflix?

No. The Suicide Squad is not streaming on Netflix, and likely will not be on Netflix anytime soon. However, you can watch The Old Guard on Netflix, if you’re craving a superhero-esque action movie right now.

Is Suicide Squad free on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Suicide Squad is not available on Netflix. Although you can access the vast library of shows and movies on Netflix under various subscription costs depending on the plan you choose: $9.99 per month for the basic plan, $15.99 monthly for the standard plan, and $19.99 a month for the premium plan.

Why can’t I watch The Suicide Squad?

You can watch The Suicide Squad on Roku, but not on Hulu or Netflix. The movie is streaming exclusively on HBO Max and the HBO Max app is available to Roku subscribers. Both HBO Max and Roku are available only to US citizens, so you need a VPN to watch the Suicide Squad outside the US.

When can I watch the new Suicide Squad?

Yes, The Suicide Squad is now available to stream on HBO Max, as of August 6 in the US. Because of the restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Warner Bros. has made it standard practice to release movies simultaneously in theaters and on the streaming service.

Is there gonna be a Suicide Squad 2?

Unlike most comic-book movies, The Suicide Squad doesn’t directly set up another movie and instead uses its post-credits scene to tease the upcoming Peacemaker series, which will see John Cena reprise his role as the patriotic killer.

Do I need to watch the first Suicide Squad?

DO YOU NEED TO WATCH SUICIDE SQUAD BEFORE THE SUICIDE SQUAD? Not at all. You’ll have no trouble following The Suicide Squad if you’ve never seen the 2016 film. Many of the main characters in Suicide Squad, including Jared Leto’s Joker and Will Smith’s Deadshot, do not appear in this new movie.

Is The Suicide Squad on Netflix or Hulu?

Watch Suicide Squad | Netflix.

Is Suicide Squad free on Hulu?

Aug 5, 2021, 8:37 AM PDT Jason Gurwin – If you’re looking to stream the The Suicide Squad, you can stream it if you add HBO Max to your Hulu subscription, which is available with a 7-Day Free Trial.

Is Suicide Squad for 12 year olds?

It’s not. The Suicide Squad is rated R, which means it’s usually not suitable for kids under 17. Though many kids and teens may want to watch if they love DC Comics and are fans of James Gunn, it’s dark and intense.


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