Who will be the next actor to play James Bond?

Lashana Lynch has already had a chance to prove her potential as the next Bond because she is a major player in No Time To Die. Ahead of the film’s November 2020 release date, Lashana Lynch was revealed to be taking on the 007 designation, making her the first female and first Black actor to have the iconic codename.

Who might be next James Bond?

Idris Elba – The London-born actor has been one of the most talked-about potential replacements for Craig in recent years. The dictionary definition of suave, he would also likely pick up where his predecessor left off by displaying serious action-man credentials.

Is Tom Hardy will be the next James Bond?

The new Bond, whoever he may be, will not be revealed officially in “Early 2021”, as Emre Kaya believes. He will be announced in a year or two at a press conference in London, like Craig was, like Brosnan was — like Roger Moore was. So no, Tom Hardy is not the new James Bond.

Will there be any more James Bond movies?

EXCLUSIVE: James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has revealed that it will be “at least two years“ before the next 007 movie begins filming and that the task of finding an actor to replace Daniel Craig hasn’t begun “because it’s a reinvention of Bond.”

Did Vesper betray Bond?

She in turn betrays her boyfriend by falling in love with Bond and making a deal with Quantum for the money in exchange for Bond’s life. Of course, she betrays Bond by handing the money to Quantum, but she also betrays the organization by leaving her cell phone and providing James the number for Mr. White.


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