Who will be in the live-action Corpse Bride?

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Burton cast Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter as his two leads, but Corpse Bride’s supporting cast is rife with major names. Richard E. Grant, Michael Gough, Emily Watson, Christopher Lee, Tracy Ullman, Joanna Lumley and many more help bring Corpse Bride’s macabre world to life.

Who should be cast for Corpse Bride?

The Corpse Bride fan-casting discourse was reignited recently with a tweet that suggested Dune actor Timothée Chalamet play Victor with The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy as Victoria and YouTuber Emma Chamberlain as the titular role. Anya Taylor-Joy as Victoria?

Why is Corpse Bride 13+?

What Parents Need to Know. Parents need to know that this movie includes multiple references to dead bodies, skeletons, decay, and death, though all in good fun. The corpse bride’s eye pops out occasionally, to show the talking maggot who lives inside and offers romantic advice.

Who could play Emily in Corpse Bride?

Evan Rachel Wood as Emily, The Corpse Bride – One actress who could marry together those conflicting emotions is Evan Rachel Wood, best known for her starring role as Dolores in Westworld.

Who is the antagonist in Corpse Bride?

Lord Barkis Bittern is the main antagonist of the film Corpse Bride. Greedy and prideful, Barkis fantasies of riches and wealth, which lead him to supposedly fall in love with Emily, who he “planned” on marrying before he killed her in the woods.

Is Corpse Bride appropriate for 10 year olds?

Therefore, we would recommend that this movie is suitable for children aged 7 and up.

Where did Emily go in Corpse Bride?

She was murdered by her ex-fiancé Lord Barkis Bittern and indirectly killed him shortly before gaining her freedom, therefore finally being allowed to enter Heaven.

What year is Corpse Bride set in?

Set back in the late 1800s in a Victorian village, a man and woman by the names of Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot are betrothed because the Everglots need the money or else they’ll be living on the streets and the Van Dorts want to be high in society.

Is Corpse Bride a sad movie?

Corpse Bride is also surprisingly moving with a rather bitter sweet ending that is genuinely sad & emotional.

Who ends up together in Corpse Bride?

Victor, however, despite still loving Victoria, tells Emily he made a promise, but Emily told him he kept it by setting her free. As a reward, she gives him back Victoria’s ring saying that she can do the same for him. Victor smiles, happy that he’s marrying Victoria at last.

Did Victor ever like Emily?

When Victor accidentally married Emily, she got him a wedding present she knew would make him happy. It wasn’t a boring material possession with no meaning, instead, it was Victor’s childhood pet, Scraps. But Emily is more than a caring person in small ways – she is wholly loving.

Who married Victor?

Victor Frankenstein
FamilyParents: Alphonse Frankenstein (father) Caroline Beaufort (mother) Siblings: Ernest Frankenstein (younger brother) William Frankenstein (youngest brother) Elizabeth Lavenza (adoptive sister) Descendants: Frankenstein’s monster (creation)
SpouseElizabeth Lavenza (adoptive sister/wife)

Is Victor Van Dort Jack Skellington?

While the main characters of The Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie share the same first name, they don’t share their last ones. Victor Frankenstein isn’t the same person as Victor van Dort. And Jack Skellington is a completely different name. And, obviously, Zero, Sparky, and Scraps are all different names, too.

Why did Emily turn into butterflies Reddit?

In Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (2005), after Emily tells Victor that he has set her free, she turns into butterflies and they scatter, her having found peace. This implies that those in the Land of the Dead are still holding onto something, and that’s why they’re there.

Who is the Corpse Bride husband?

Set in Victorian England, the story of Corpse Bride begins with an arranged marriage between recently bankrupt Victoria Everglot (Emily Watson) and Victor Van Dort (Johnny Depp). Put together by their parents, the two find that they really are attracted to each other and are more than happy for the wedding to go ahead.

What happens to Victoria in Corpse Bride?

In the end, Victoria finally gets her chance to marry Victor.

Why does Lord Barkis want to marry Victoria?

Throughout the film, Barkis is shown to have an affection towards Victoria, and makes many allusions to the thought of him marrying her, instead of Victor. His plan is eventually revealed as marrying Victoria Everglot, in order to obtain wealth and riches from his dowry.


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