Who made Werewolves Within?

Josh Ruben could be one of the most important genre filmmakers in modern cinema. With Werewolves Within he proves it’s actually possible to make a near perfect genre smash.

What company made Werewolves Within?

Werewolves Within
Production companiesUbisoft Film & Television Vanishing Angle
Distributed byIFC Films

Is Millennium Wolves a movie?

The combination of lust and humor in The Millennium Wolves is a huge selling point—one that we can see working well on screen between a couple with great chemistry. And while the film is only a rumor right now, many fans have already cast their favorite actors in the lead roles.

Did Werewolves Within make money?

All Time Domestic Box Office (Rank 9,301-9,400)9,383$575,783

Are there werewolves in Werewolves Within?

Whodunnit? Cecily is the werewolf. As it turns out, it is the postal person who goes postal. Sarcastic, funny Cecily, who charms audiences and Finn alike within the first minutes of the movie, is a werewolf.

What age rating is Werewolves Within?

It was the first R-Rated film I ever saw, and was very tame for a movie Common Sense rates 15 and up. I’m not sure if it deserves the 15 and up rating in my book, but would push the envelope for a PG-13 movie. Werewolves Within is phenomenal.

Is Ubisoft a mythic quest?

Ubisoft produces “Mythic Quest” along with Lionsgate and 3 Arts Entertainment. The gaming company creates all of the animation for the show’s video game.

Is Ubisoft making a movie?

The division has a slate of IP-based and original film and TV projects in various stages of development and production, including the films “Tom Clancy’s The Division” (Netflix), “Rabbids” (Lionsgate), “Just Dance” (Screen Gems), “Beyond Good & Evil” (Netflix), the independent feature “Werewolves Within,” the current

Why does Ubisoft make movies?

Ubisoft Film & Television was created as Ubisoft Motion Pictures in January 2011 as the film production branch of the video game company Ubisoft. Its mission is to bring Ubisoft’s games into new areas of entertainment and share original stories set in the world, culture, and community of gaming.


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