Who is the villain in Zoolander 2?

Jacob Moogbern, better known as Jacobim Mugatu, is the main antagonist of the Zoolander duology, serving as the main antagonist of Zoolander and the main antagonist turned supporting character of its sequel Zoolander 2.

Who is the villain in Zoolander?

But there’s one bad guy who’s always remained one of my fashion icons: Zoolander’s Jacobim Mugatu. As one of the main antagonists of the movie—which was released 20 years ago today! —Mugatu is out to brainwash Zoolander in a wacky plot to assassinate the president of Malaysia.

What is Zoolanders first name?

Ben Stiller first created the character for a skit at the 1996 VH1 Fashion Awards. The name “Derek Zoolander” was invented by Bates while he was editing the first short film, and was inspired by the names of two male models who both worked for Calvin Klein: the Dutchman Mark Vanderloo and the American Johnny Zander.

Who is Katinka in Zoolander?

Milla Jovovich – The actress portrayed Mugatu’s henchwoman, Katinka, who becomes the main antagonist in Zoolander 2. Jovovich then starred in No Good Deed, Stone, Survivor, Shock and Awe, Paradise Hills, Hellboy, The Rookies, Monster Hunter and the Resident Evil franchise.

Who is the Russian girl in Zoolander?

Katinka Ingaborgovinananananana is the secondary antagonist of Zoolander and its sequel Zoolander 2. She was portrayed by Milla Jovovich (who also played Milady de Winter in The Three Musketeers and Nimue in Hellboy) in the first film and by Kristen Wiig (who later played Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984) in the sequel.

Who is the black model in Zoolander?

Cuba Gooding Jr. – Discussing Zoolander’s hair on a red carpet: “It’s almost like the new afro for the white man, but it’s beautiful.”

Who plays Zoolanders family?

Luke Zoolander
Portrayed byVince Vaughn
FamilyLarry Zoolander (father) Mrs. Zoolander (mother; deceased) Derek Zoolander (brother) Scrappy Zoolander (brother) Derek Zoolander Jr. (nephew)

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