Who is the king of blockbuster movies?

Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are the box office king in India . Salman Khan has the 2nd highest all time box office collection and Akshay Kumar has the highest in terms of total collection . Salman Khan has 10 highest grossers of the year.

Who is the most blockbuster movie in the world?

2Avengers: Endgame2019
4Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens2015

Which movie is highest budget in world?

RankTitleCost (est.) (millions)
1Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides$378.5
2Avengers: Age of Ultron$365
3Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End$300

Which is the biggest collection movie in world?

Gone with the Wind—first released in 1939—is generally considered to be the most successful film, with Guinness World Records in 2014 estimating its adjusted global gross at $3.4 billion.

Which actor has more blockbuster movies?

1Akshay Kumar17
2Shahrukh Khan11
3Salman Khan8
4Ajay Devgn14

Who is No 1 hero in World?

1.Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird
2.Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark
3.James Bond, Dr. No
4.Rick Blaine, Casablanca

Who is Hollywood No 1 hero?

Tom Cruise has become the most popular Hollywood Actor of 2021 in India. He has also become famous as an action star for playing the role of Ethan Hunt in all six of the Mission: Impossible films from 1996 to 2018. While Dwayne Johnson stands second in the list of most popular Hollywood Actors of 2021 in India.

Who is successful actor in India?

ActorsSuccess Ratio (Percentage of Above Average or Above)
1Dilip Kumar60.71% (Success – 34)
2Hrithik Roshan58.33% (Success – 14)
3Shah Rukh Khan50% (Success – 31)
4Aamir Khan50% (Success – 21)

Who is box office king in Bollywood?

Salman Khan – In recent years, every movie he has acted in as the main lead has commended over 100 Crores. Referred to in the media as “The Tiger of Bollywood”, “Blockbuster Khan”, “Box-office King”, he is popularly called “Bhaijaan” and “Sallu” by his fans.

Who is God of acting world?

Mohanlal is referred as the god of acting. His talent of natural acting is amazing. He received these awards and honours as a part of this. 5 National Awards.

Who is the No 1 dancer in India?

Prabhu Deva – It is undeniable that Prabhudeva is India’s greatest and best dancer. Prabhu’s debut film, Agni Natchathiram, in which he was a backup dancer, is still one of my favourites.

Who is the No 1 actor in South India?

1. Mahesh Babu. Mahesh Babu is one of the superstar actors in the South industry and is famous for his work in Tollywood. He owns a production house and is also the top performer who has won several awards for his contribution to cinema field from his childhood days.

Who has more 100 crore club movies?

RankActorHighest (Cr.)
Rank 1Actor Akshay KumarHighest (Cr.) 205.14
Rank 2Actor Salman KhanHighest (Cr.) 339.16
Rank 3Actor Ajay DevgnHighest (Cr.) 279.55
Rank 4Actor Shah Rukh KhanHighest (Cr.) 227.13


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