Who is the killer in Valhalla murders?

The killer of the staff members at The Valhalla boy’s home was never really identified, and no arrests were made by these charges. Director Thordur Palsson takes us through different character worlds when we submerge ourselves into this particular dark nook of Iceland.

Who is pétur in Valhalla murders?

Pétur is the Icelandic state attorney and the hidden most significant antagonist in The Valhalla Murders. He oversaw the Valhalla boys facility in Borgarnes, being revealed at the end as the serial rapist of the boys at the building, as well as multiple other boys around Reykjavik and Iceland.

What does the ending of The Valhalla Murders mean?

The killer who murdered the staff working at the Valhalla boys’ home was never found, but they did suspect it to be Tommi’s father, who was heartbroken about his son’s confirmed death after 30 years that the boy went missing.

Is there a season two of The Valhalla Murders?

Netflix has yet to give the green light to Season 2 of The Valhalla Murders. The show was originally commissioned by RÚV, one of the leading national broadcasters in Iceland. Created by an all-Icelandic crew, the riveting crime-drama series garnered a loyal following in the country and beyond in no time.

Is Valhalla murders worth watching?

overall, it’s pretty good viewing-I stayed till the end and am glad I did. I recommend subtitles instead of dubbing, because the Scandinavian language is fascinating The Valhalla Murders is saved by its unique locale, a witty script and fine performances.

What city is The Valhalla Murders set in?

The action takes place in and around the suburbs of Reykjavik, although Valhalla itself – a children’s home with a history – is an hour-and-a-half from Borgarnes, itself an hour or so north of Iceland’s capital city.

What did Kari do in The Valhalla Murders?

If you remember the end of episode four, her teenage son Kari was implicated in a hideous sexual assault video.

What is The Valhalla Murders about on Netflix?

An Oslo detective with a painful past returns to his native Iceland to help a dedicated cop hunt a serial killer with a link to a mysterious photo. Watch all you want.

Is The Valhalla Murders dubbed on Netflix?

Seeing as the series comes from Iceland, it is in Icelandic so you’ll either have to watch with subtitles or listen to an English dub if you really want to understand what’s going on, but people seem to love the show regardless. The entire first season of The Valhalla Murders is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Are The Valhalla Murders a true story?

“The Valhalla Murders” both is and isn’t based on a real crime.

Is swept under a true story?

Swept Under
StarringDevin Kelley Aaron Ashmore
Music byJames Gelfand Louise Tremblay
Country of originCanada
Original languageEnglish

Was Arnar abused in Valhalla murders?

Arnar was physically abused by his father when he found out he was gay, while Kata is fighting a losing battle with her secret prescription drug addiction. Both of them are broken and by working together they will not only solve the case but also help mend each other.


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