Who is Sylvie’s love dedicated to?

The film is dedicated to three icons of the era: Carroll, Nancy Wilson and Doris Day — all of whom died in the same year in which Ashe shot the movie — and their music figures here.

Who is Sylvie’s love based on?

As Eugene Ashe explains in the movie’s press notes, “The film is a passion project for me; inspired by old photographs of my family from the 1950s, and seeing the way they carried themselves with such dignity, I wanted to create a love story that showed the sacrifices and tribulations of true love.”

Where is Sylvie’s love located?

Plot. In New York City, 1962, Sylvie is waiting in the lobby of Town Hall, while Robert is in a recording studio playing the saxophone.

Who plays Robert in Sylvie’s love?

Nnamdi Asomugha as Robert Holloway and Tessa Thompson as Sylvie Parker in Sylvie’s Love. Courtesy Amazon Studios. Photo: Nicola Goode. Yet the indispensable element that makes a musical or a romance soar is the magnetism, alone and together, of its two leads.

Does Sylvie’s love have a happy ending?

While leaving the plant one day, Robert is stunned to see Sylvie waiting for him. She tells him he can’t be happy without him in her life, and he leaves with her, finally together.


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