Which Rocky movie does he fight the Russian?

Rocky Balboa proudly holds the world heavyweight boxing championship, but a new challenger has stepped forward: Drago, a six-foot-four, 261-pound fighter who has the backing of the Soviet Un

What movie does Rocky fight the Russian guy?

He first appears in the 1985 film Rocky IV, in which he is the central antagonist and rival of Rocky Balboa. He also appears in the 2018 film Creed II, in which he is the main antagonist and serves as the trainer to his son Viktor.

When did Rocky fight the Russian?

Captain Ivan Vasilyevich Drago (Russian: Иван Васильевич Драго; born November 3, 1961) is the central antagonist of the 1985 film Rocky IV, the main antagonist of the 2018 film Creed II, and flashback antagonist in Rocky V. He is a former Russian professional boxer, Olympian and a Infantry Captain for the Soviet Army.

Who was Rocky’s opponent in Rocky 3?

T. In the film, Rocky Balboa faces stiff competition from Clubber Lang, a powerful new contender, and turns to his old adversary Apollo Creed for training after the death of his manager and friend Mickey Goldmill.

Who does Rocky fight in Rocky 5?

Rocky 5 – Rocky Balboa vs Tommy Gunn (1080p)

Who does Rocky fight in Rocky 2?

In the film, Rocky Balboa (Stallone), struggling to adjust to family life, finds himself in a rematch fiercely demanded by Apollo Creed (Weathers).

Does Rocky beat Drago?

Drago by showing six minutes of Rocky III and how Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) became friends with Balboa. Together, they prepared Rocky to beat Clubber Lang (Mr. T) but it’s Balboa’s fight with Thunderlips (Hulk Hogan) in Rocky III that may explain Rocky’s miraculous victory against Drago.

Does Rocky beat the Russian in Rocky 4?

The Soviet premier stands up and reluctantly applauds Rocky, and his aides follow suit. Rocky ends his speech by wishing his son watching the match on TV a Merry Christmas, and raises his arms into the air in victory as the crowd applauds.

Who kills Creed in Rocky?

The early scenes of Rocky IV famously saw the death of Apollo Creed at the hands of Ivan Drago as the two boxers faced off in an exhibition bout.

Who won the fight in Rocky Balboa 2006?

The result is announced as Rocky exits the ring with his family and friends: a win for Dixon by a close split decision, but Rocky clearly doesn’t mind the outcome and the crowd gives him a final standing ovation.

Does Creed fight Drago twice?

The shame never goes away, though, and when the Russian demands a rematch (this time on his home turf), Michael B. Jordan’s prideful boxer can’t say no. After an epic training montage, Creed and Drago face off again. This time, Adonis prevails, slowly beating his enemy down round after round.

Who accepts to fight Drago in Rocky IV?

Incensed by Drago’s cold indifference and feeling a deep sense of guilt, Rocky decides to avenge Apollo’s death by agreeing to fight Drago in the Soviet Union on Christmas Day in an unsanctioned 15-round bout.

What does Ivan Drago say to Rocky in the last round?

I fight all my life and I never lose. soon I fight Rocky Balboa, and the world will see his defeat.

How many times did Drago knock down Rocky?

Rocky will take a dozen jabs to the face without putting up his hands for defense. Then, he’ll turn it around on Apollo Creed or Ivan Drago and land six-straight right hands. Rocky will get knocked down 20 times in a round but somehow, the referee always allows the fight to continue.

Why did Rocky fight Ivan Drago?

Rocky beat Ivan Drago in a classic Christmas Day fight as Balboa exacts revenge on Apollo Creed’s killer in Moscow after heavy training. Rocky Balboa pulled off a Christmas miracle when Ivan Drago was beaten in 1985.

Does Rocky defeat the Russian?

In the climax of Rocky IV, an uppercut by Rocky Balboa left Ivan Drago on the canvas after 15 rounds of fighting. Unable to respond to the referee’s count, Drago was handed a loss by knockout in front a crowd that heavily favored him.

Did Rocky Balboa end the Cold War?

Conversation. On this day in 1985, Rocky Balboa defeated Ivan Drago in Russia and effectively ended the Cold War.

How did Rocky end?

Rocky doesn’t win, but the verdict doesn’t matter. When the ref announces Apollo’s victory, his voice is almost lost in the hullaballoo. Adrian rushes the ring, and she and Rocky say “I love you” for the first time. The love is the prize that means more to Rocky than any gaudy title belt.

Who is the Russian fighter in Rocky 4?

Dolph Lundgren has had an action movie career spanning several decades, but he is still best known to American audiences as Ivan Drago, the villainous Russian fighter who went toe to toe with underdog boxer Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV.

Who played the Russian boxer in Rocky 2?

By playing Ivan Drago 33 years after ‘Rocky VI,’ Dolph Lundgren’s role in ‘Creed II’ is helping him work through abuse he suffered as a child and the uncertainties of a career in Hollywood.


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