Which Rocky Balboa movie was the best?

  • #5: Rocky III (1982)
  • #4: Rocky Balboa (2006)
  • #3: Rocky II (1979)
  • #2: Rocky IV (1985)
  • #1: Rocky (Winner of “Best Picture” in 1976)

Is Rocky IV the best Rocky?

With a staggering 56.5 per cent of votes, ‘Rocky IV’ gets the nod ahead of ‘Rocky II and the original ‘Rocky’. ‘Rocky IV’ has a tantalising and incredible story line. It climaxes with an intense bout between Rocky and Ivan Drago, who tragically kills Apollo Creed in their previous fight.

Was Rocky 3 a big deal?

Rocky III earned over $270 million worldwide on a budget of just $17 million. While certainly not the greatest overall film in the series, Rocky III is still a classic.

Who is better Apollo Creed or Rocky Balboa?

Unlike their first fight, Creed dominates Balboa throughout most of the second fight, thwarting Rocky’s strategy of fighting right-handed (although his trainer states that if he hadn’t been bothered by the switching he should have knocked him out by the end of the first round).

Who was the best fighter in Rocky?

Rocky Balboa faced his share of talented foes throughout the long-running Rocky Franchise, but none were as knowledgable or skilled as Apollo Creed. Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) was an electrifying character in the Rocky franchise, and from the very beginning, was the best fighter.

Was Drago using steroids?

Drago, we learn, was actually using steroids. And while the juxtaposition of the Russian behemoth’s syringe and Rocky’s intrepid mountain climbing is supposed to imply that the latter is drug free, we know now that Sylvester Stallone (the actor who played Rocky) has dabbled in steroids as well.

How many Rocky’s were there?

How many Rocky Balboa movies are there?

Novel(s)List of novels
Films and television
Film(s)Original series Rocky (1976) Rocky II (1979) Rocky III (1982) Rocky IV (1985) Rocky V (1990) Rocky Balboa (2006) Spin-off series Creed (2015) Creed II (2018) Creed III (2022)
Theatrical presentations



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