Which is the best version of The Shining?

The 144 minute ‘US version’ is often erroneously called the director’s cut when in fact director Kubrick regards both the 119 minute version and the 144 minute version as director’s cuts. Nevertheless, the longer version is the version now most commonly available.

Is there an uncut version of The Shining?

There is no “extended cut”. There is the U.S. theatrical cut (what they are calling “extended”) that runs 144 minutes and the European cut that runs 119 minutes. After hearing of audience and critical reactions not being what he wanted, he went back and re-cut the film, taking out 25 minutes.

Which is scarier The Shining book or movie?

For me, the 1980 movie version of The Shining was much scarier than the novel that spawned it. Jack Nicholson’s performance had a lot to do with that. But the book is more entertaining overall, as books often are. The novel tells a deeper story with more character development and a more gradual “decline.”

What chapter does The Shining get scary?

The “horror” in this case comes down to the suspence. Chapter 26 really resinated with me though. Learning of Jack’s past, in addition to how he heard his father’s voice through the radio.

Is The Shining Stephen King’s best book?

#1: A modern horror classic – It should hardly be a surprise that Stephen King’s most popular book is also his first-ever bestseller: “The Shining,” a classic 1977 horror novel, spurred a cult-favorite movie and a sequel.

Is the Shining mini series on Netflix?

Sadly, no. Though The Shining has been in Netflix in the past, it is not currently available on the streaming service. However, Netflix does some other Stephen King titles, including Carrie, 1922, and In the Tall Grass.


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