Which Bollywood movies are remake of Hollywood?

  • We Are Family (2010) Dharma Productions was the first to start the trend of ‘official’ remakes in India.
  • Players (2011)
  • Bang Bang (2014)
  • Dil Bechara (2020)
  • The Girl on the Train (2021)
  • The Intern.

Which Bollywood movies are the remake of Hollywood movies?

  • Zinda-Oldboy.
  • Kaante-Reservoir Dogs.
  • Chachi 420-Mrs.
  • Sarkar-The Godfather.
  • Sangharsh-The Silence of the Lambs.
  • Baazigar-A Kiss Before Dying.
  • Hum Tum-When Harry Met Sally.
  • Satte Pe Satta-Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Which Hindi movie is based on Godfather?

From Feroz Khan’s 1975 classic Dharmatma, the first Indian film to be based on The Godfather, to the most recent Fahad Faasil starrer Malik, Francis Ford Coppola’s classic has spawned innumerable remakes that are either fiercely loyal to the original or vague reinterpretations.

Is the movie Luck a remake?

After giving us a horror show in Kaal, director Soham Shah has decided to try his hand at a thriller.

How many movies are remake in Bollywood?

Bollywood is presently in the process of remaking as many as 24 films that were originally South Indian hits.

Who gave free guy Hindi voice?

Taking to his official Instagram account, Nakuul Mehta dropped a comical and funny video that features his wife Jankee critiquing the Hindi film version of Hollywood star Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy in which Nakuul has given the voice over for Ryan’s character. Needless to say this is not a BIASED REVIEW.


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