Where were the John Wick movies filmed?

John Wick was filmed in New York, although a very short scene was also shot in Los Angeles.

Where is the Continental Hotel from John Wick located?

The real-life location of the New York Continental Hotel is The Beaver Building at 1 Wall Street Court in New York City. However, it’s interior scenes were filmed using the interior of Delmonico’s located at 56 Beaver Street in New York City.

Where was Parabellum filmed?

Much of the returning cast and crew was confirmed in February 2018, with new members joining that May. Filming began that month and lasted through November, taking place in New York City, Montreal, and Morocco. Parabellum was theatrically released in the United States on May 17, 2019, by Lionsgate.

Where is the Red Circle Club in John Wick?

The Red Circle is a large nightclub situated on the east end of Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan. It was seen to have at least three floors, including a private bathhouse in the basement. Just above that on the ground floor is the main club, where the dance floor is located and loud music is played.

Where is cemetery in John Wick filmed?

Calvary Cemetery, Maspeth, Queens, New York.

Where is the bathhouse in John Wick?

The full scene cuts between AIRE’s thermal baths, one of its locker rooms, and the lounge as it shows John Wick and some bodyguards engaged in a shoot-out throughout the spa turned club. We can promise that our New York location is much more relaxing.

Where is John Wick’s house in real life?

As it turns out, the house is as real as it gets, but the owners, much like Reeves and his John Wick character, like their privacy, so details are rather scarce. We weren’t even able to find an exact address, but we do know it’s located at the end of Horseshoe Road in Mill Neck, N.Y.

Was John Wick filmed in the Flatiron building?

The exterior of the underworld institution is the flatiron-shaped Beaver Building in Manhattan.

Are John Wicks guns real?

John Wick uses a TTI-tuned Glock 34 Combat Master in Wick 2, and will be using an STI 2011 Combat Master for John Wick 3. Check out the video to see what makes these guns worthy of Baba Yaga.

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