Where Robin Hood was filmed?

Most of the village scenes for Robin Hood were captured on and around the Hampton Estate in Surrey. The filmmakers also identified a beautiful grove of ancient oaks nearby that were used for a key scene.

What castle was used in the film Robin Hood?

Old Wardour Castle, also known as Locksley Castle, is a gorgeous medieval castle in England used as a filming location for the 1991 film Robin Hood starring Kevin Coster.

Where is the Sherwood Forest?

Sherwood Forest, woodland and former royal hunting ground, county of Nottinghamshire, England, that is well known for its association with Robin Hood, the outlaw hero of medieval legend. Sherwood Forest formerly occupied almost all of western Nottinghamshire and extended into Derbyshire.

Where was the beach scene in Robin Hood filmed?

As a filming location, Freshwater West featured extensively in the 2010 film Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe, which depicted the French invasion of southern England. Over 600 extras and 150 horses were used during the filming on the beach.

Where was Robin Loxley filmed?

Housesteads is on the B6318 about 25 miles west of Newcastle-on-Tyne (rail: Bardon Mill, 3 miles). But it’s soon back south, to Wiltshire, for the ruin of ‘Locksley Castle’, Robin’s family home, which turns out to be Old Wardour Castle, off the A30, between Salisbury and Shaftesbury.

Was Hadrian’s Wall Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves filmed?

This is probably the most photographed spot in the whole of Northumberland National Park. Here, a sycamore tree grows in a dramatic dip with Hadrian’s Wall rising up either side. The 1991 film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’, starring Kevin Costner, was filmed here.

Where is the real brancaster Castle?

Alnwick Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland – Alnwick Castle starred as the magnificent Brancaster Castle in two Christmas specials of Downton Abbey, which took two weeks to film throughout July and August 2014.

Is Alnwick Castle Hogwarts?

Alnwick Castle starred as the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the 2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone filmed on location at Alnwick Castle in autumn 2000.

Did Robin Hood exist?

While most contemporary scholars have failed to turn up solid clues, medieval chroniclers took for granted that a historical Robin Hood lived and breathed during the 12th or 13th century. The details of their accounts vary widely, however, placing him in conflicting regions and eras.

Are they filming at Alnwick Castle?

Film crews and extras have landed at Alnwick Castle, with speculation that the new Dungeons and Dragons movie is being filmed. The cast of the production is reported to include Hugh Grant, Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, and Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page.

Where is Alnwick Castle Harry Potter?

Our favourite has to be the magnificent 11th century medieval Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, where outdoor scenes for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone were filmed in autumn of 2000, and for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets the following year.


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