Where is Liam Neeson ice road filmed?

Liam Neeson’s film “The Ice Road” is now available through the streaming service. The movie, also starring Laurence Fishburne, was shot in several Manitoba locations at the start of 2020, including Ile-Des-Chenes. In the film, Neeson and Fishburne race down ice roads with three 18-wheelers to free trapped miners.

Where do they film Ice Road Truckers?

  • Dalton Highway, Alaska, USA.
  • Alaska, USA.
  • Dempster Highway, Yukon, Canada.
  • Yukon, Canada.
  • Manitoba, Canada (Season 7)
  • BHP-Ekati, Northwest Territories, Canada.
  • De Beers-Snap Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada.
  • Deadhorse, Alaska, USA.

Is there really an ice road by Winnipeg?

The real ice road is located in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The movie borrowed the ice road that services the diamond mines in the far northern parts of Canada, and the diamond mines themselves, to tell a fictional story. The actual road, though, exists.

Is against the ice filmed in Greenland?

Against the Ice was a co-production between RVK Studios and Ill Kippers. It was directed by Danish director Peter Flinth, who worked with producer Baltasar Kormákur and cinematographer Torben Forsberg to shoot the film on location in Iceland and Greenland whilst using minimal green screens.

Where does what breaks the ice take place?

Set in 1998 and using the Monica Lewinsky scandal as a backdrop, What Breaks the Ice follows Sammy (Hublitz) and Emily (Cline), girls of despite divergent backgrounds who form a deep friendship over a summer in a small upstate New York resort town.

When did against the Ice take place?

In 1909, two explorers fight to survive after they’re left behind while on a Denmark expedition in ice-covered Greenland.


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