Where Can I stream Star Trek movies?

You can currently watch every “Star Trek” film on Paramount Plus. The movies are also available to buy or rent without a subscription through different VOD services, and you can stream a couple for free with ads.

What streaming service has the Star Trek movies?

For the Kelvin Timeline movies, you’ll have to hop around a bit—Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) are on fuboTV and Star Trek Beyond (2016) is on Hulu. You can also stream most Star Trek films on Amazon Video.

Are Star Trek movies on Paramount Plus?

Paramount+ is home to all your Star Trek needs, from classics such as the original series and The Next Generation to current hits like Discovery and Picard.

Why is Star Trek movie not on Paramount Plus?

Paramount+ now has all the Star Trek – Over the last year, Paramount+ has been building up its library of feature films. Earlier this summer the catalog for the USA streamer grew to include all but one of the Star Trek feature films, however, due to previous licensing deals all but two left the service in August.

Does Paramount Plus have Star Trek 2009?

Star Trek (2009) was the only one missing. As of now, however, all but two of those 12 films have left the Paramount+ catalog, with only Star Trek: Beyond and Star Trek: Into Darkness remaining.

Is Star Trek leaving Amazon Prime 2021?

Although Star Trek shows will no longer be part of Amazon Prime Video’s subscription service, it will not affect any digital purchases of episodes or seasons, reports Trek Movie. And fans will still be able to buy individual episodes and seasons through Amazon.


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