Where can I see the movie Bad Santa?

Bad Santa movies can be found on YouTube, VUDU, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play. As of December 9, both “Bad Santa” and “Bad Santa 2” are available to stream on YouTube, iTunes, and VUDU. The first film can also be found on Amazon and Google Play.

Is Bad Santa streaming anywhere?

You are able to stream Bad Santa by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and Google Play.

Do you have to pay for Pluto TV?

Yes. Perhaps the best thing about Pluto TV is it is 100% free. You don’t even need to create a user account—though you can for extra features. Like many traditional TV networks, Pluto TV is supported by advertisements.

How do I search on Pluto TV?

Whenever you find a movie or TV series you like, click on it to open a window with information about the title. There should be a “+” icon at the bottom. We found this feature only works on the Android Pluto app, but it may also work on iOS. The “Watch List” appears as the first sliding row in the “On Demand” section.

Is Bad Santa on Hulu?

Watch Bad Santa this holiday season. This Christmas, you can watch Bad Santa on Hulu with your Hulu subscription. Bad Santa premiered in theaters in 2003 and was incredibly successful in theaters for a raunchy, Christmas movie. Billy Bob Thornton, Bernie Mac, Tony Cox, Lauren Graham and John Ritter star in the film.

What app can i watch Bad Santa on?

Bad Santa is available for streaming from Sky’s Now service (formerly Now TV) on any mobile, tablet, laptop, PC or TV that supports the Now app (most streaming set-top boxes do).

Is Bad Santa on Starz?

Watch Bad Santa Online – STARZPLAY.

How many Bad Santa movies are there?

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