Where can I see Official Secrets?

Where was official secrets filmed?

OFFICIAL SECRETS filmed primarily in Yorkshire with investment from Screen Yorkshire, at locations including: Leeds City Centre, Chapel Allerton, Roundhay, Boston Spa, Otley Police Station, Bradford City Hall, Shipley, Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster and the Northern Film & TV

What happened to Katherine Gun?

As of 2020 Gun lives in Turkey and Britain. After she was acquitted in 2004, she found it difficult to find a new job. As of 2019 she has lived in Turkey with her husband and daughter for several years.

Who played Katharine Gun?

During the American-lead 2003 campaign for United Nations support for an invasion of Iraq, Gun, who’s played in the film by Keira Knightley, was a 28 year-old Mandarin translator working for the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters, the nation’s equivalent of the American NSA.

Is Official Secrets a good movie?

Gavin Hood’s Official Secrets isn’t a poor film so much as an unremarkable one, and if there is any suspense or stylistic innovation to be wrung from this important story then the director is keeping it under his hat. Official Secrets’ unshowy craftmanship is persuasive in its building of suspense.


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