When was the movie The Whole Nine Yards made?

Is there a sequel to the movie The Whole Nine Yards?

The Whole Ten Yards

What does the saying the whole nine yards mean?

The bullets for the machine guns used in American combat planes of WW2 and since were in chains twenty-seven feet in length. Thus if a pilot was able to fire all his bullets off at one target he was said to have given his adversary ‘the full nine yards’.

When was The Whole Nine Yards filmed?

The Whole Nine Yards
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release dateFebruary 18, 2000
Running time98 minutes
CountryUnited States

Where was the yards filmed?

Filming locations included Roosevelt Island, Maspeth and Elmhurst, Queens, the Bronx, and New Jersey. The railyard scenes were shot at the MTA’s Inwood, Manhattan, 207th Street Yard and shop, as well as an abandoned freight yard in Brooklyn.

Did Amanda Peet hurt her ankle in The Whole Nine Yards?

The shot of Jill (Amanda Peet) twisting her ankle was not scripted. Director Jonathan Lynn liked the take, so it was put into the film.

Did Bruce Willis do friends for free?

The film surprised a lot of people by becoming a big hit, leading the box office in its first three weeks of release in 2000. Thus, Willis had to appear on “Friends” for free.


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