When was Peterloo movie made?

Is Peterloo a true story?

Turner and Topsy-Turvey—Peterloo is based on a true story. In Peterloo, Rory Kinnear (Penny Dreadful, The Imitation Game) stars as Henry Hunt, who was a radical British speaker in the early 19th century known for his working-class activism.

How many were killed at Peterloo?

On 16 August 1819, thousands of peaceful protestors for parliamentary reform gathered at St. Peter’s Square, Manchester. Ten to 20 were killed and hundreds injured as the meeting was violently broken up by volunteer soldiers.

Did any soldiers died at Peterloo?

Peterloo Massacre
Date16 August 1819
AssailantsManchester and Salford Yeomanry Cheshire Yeomanry Manchester Special Constabulary British Army Regulars

How did Peterloo get its name?

The name Peterloo first appeared in a local Manchester newspaper a few days after the massacre. The name was intended to mock the soldiers who attacked and killed unarmed civilians, comparing them with the heroes that had recently fought and returned from the battlefield of Waterloo.

Where did they film Peterloo?

‘Peterloo’ Filmed in Yorkshire – Screen Yorkshire.

How accurate is Peterloo?

The film does generally show key events in a historically accurate manner, although historians still debate the true impact of Peterloo on British democracy and reforms in the later 19th century.

Who ordered the Peterloo Massacre?

Presided over by the radical leader Henry Hunt, the meeting was intended as a great demonstration of discontent, and its political object was parliamentary reform. About 60,000 persons attended, including a high proportion of women and children.

How long is the film Peterloo?

2h 34m


Peterloo Massacre Documentary | Timeline

Mike Leigh and Francine Stock | 5×15


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