When was Dolph Lundgren in Rocky?

As the underdog fighter Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone has taken his share of punches—but none harder than from Dolph Lundgren, who played his nemesis Ivan Drago in the 1985 boxing sequel Rocky IV.

How old was Dolph Lundgren when he filmed Rocky 4?

That’s the only time in Rocky IV where you see Dolph Lundgren, at the age of 27, because that Drago mask fell off and I just say, ‘What the hell happened?’

Did Dolph Lundgren really hit Rocky?

However, it turns out that one flick almost put him out of commission for good. In a retrospective for the classic action movie Rocky 4, Stallone told The Hollywood Reporter how his co-star, Dolph Lundgren hit him so hard that he ended up in intensive care.

Why does Stallone’s face droop?

Sylvester Stallone – The, actor famous for his roles as “Rocky Balboa” and “John Rambo”, was actually born with facial paralysis resulting from birth complications. The residual effects of Bell’s palsy are responsible for his crooked smile and slurred speech pattern.

Who was Dragos wife in Rocky 4?

Alias Brigitte Nielsen (born 15 July 1963) appeared as Ludmilla Drago, the sadistically Soviet-patriotic wife of Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in the Rocky IV film. .

Did Rocky actually box?

Act as if something terrible has happened to you. I mean, just listen to these tales from the Rocky series Sylvester Stallone recounted Monday night with Jimmy Fallon. In order to give some scenes that extra hint of realism, Stallone, not an actual boxer, agreed to take some actual punches to the face.

Who played Rocky’s son in the movies?

Sage Stallone played Rocky’s son, Robert Balboa, in “Rocky 5.” He also appeared in the film “Daylight” with his father Sylvester Stallone.


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