When did the movie Halloween h2o come out?

Is Halloween H20 the last one?

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998) Halloween: Resurrection (2002) Halloween (2018) Halloween Kills (2021)

Is Halloween H20 on Netflix?

Like the previous installments, Halloween H20 isn’t streaming on Netflix, Prime, or Hulu. At the time of writing, the seventh movie in the franchise can only be streamed through Fubo and AMC+.

How old is Halloween h2o?

It was released on August 5, 1998 in the US and later in many other countries. H20 cost $17 million to produce and returned $55,041,738 in domestic box office sales with an opening weekend of $16,187,724, and $24,753,129 since its Wednesday debut.

How old is Laurie Strode in 2021?

Her ultimate fates in each of the three timelines: the first timeline reveals Laurie died off-screen, age 26 in a November 1987 accident; the second timeline she is eventually killed by Michael Myers age 40 at a psychiatric hospital; the third timeline, her story concludes age 61 on Halloween night, 2022.

How old is Michael Myers killer?

In the newest films, Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021), Michael is right around 61 years old. We’ll stick with this age since Halloween (2018) is a direct sequel to the first film and is now considered Michael and Laurie’s canon story arc.

Who is Laurie Strode’s daughter?

Originally, the character was named Brittany “Britti” Lloyd, before her name was changed to Jamie, in an homage to Jamie Lee Curtis. In the films, Jamie is the daughter of Laurie Strode, who died off-screen in a car accident in the time between Halloween II and 4.

How is Laurie related to Michael?

That would mean they would retcon the biggest reveal of the series: that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is in fact the sister of Michael Myers.

How old was Laurie when Michael killed Judith?

Early years – Laurie Strode was born Cynthia Myers on February 22, 1961. She was the youngest of three children of Donald and Edith Myers. When Laurie was only two, her six-year-old brother Michael brutally murdered their older sister Judith with a butcher knife. Michael was sent away following the incident.

What Halloween movie came after h20?

Halloween: Resurrection
StarringBusta Rhymes Bianca Kajlich Thomas Ian Nicholas Ryan Merriman Sean Patrick Thomas Tyra Banks Jamie Lee Curtis

What car did Michael Myers drive in Halloween H20?

Michael left Langdon on October 29th at 5:30PM in a 1971 Buick Skylark and drove all the way to California. He was forced to stop close to his destination when an unfortunate flat tire forced him to stop at a rest stop along Highway 139.

Who survives Halloween H20?

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998) – Laurie Strode is alive again, and is once again the lead survivor. Also surviving are Laurie’s newly created son John Tate, and his girlfriend Molly Cartwell. Marion Chambers gets whacked by Michael, ending her streak of survival.

Why did Jamie Lee Curtis not return for Halloween 4?

Curtis had become a success in the film industry and had established a career with her roles in films like Trading Places (1983) and A Fish Called Wanda (1988). Curtis declined and did not want to continue her participation in the film, although she did return for the seventh Halloween film.

How much does Michael Myers get paid?

How Much Did Mike Meyers Get Paid For Shrek? In the three “Shrek” movies released in three installments, he earned $30 million, $10 million, and $15 million.

Who wrote Halloween h20?

How much money has the Halloween franchise made?

The Halloween franchise has earned over $700 million worldwide in box office takings across 12 films. Halloween Kills is the latest addition to the franchise and is still playing in theaters, with Jamie Lee Curtis and many fellow stars from the original film reprising their roles.

How much did it cost to make the new Halloween movie?

Halloween Kills
CountryUnited States
Budget$20 million
Box office$131.7 million


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