When did Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin come out?

Is paranormal activity next of kin connected to the other movies?

In February 2020, Blum revealed that Christopher Landon was writing the script. On February 12, 2021, it was announced that William Eubank was attached to direct the film, with the film also confirmed to be both a reboot and a continuation of the previous films.

Will there be a Paranormal Activity 8?

Paranormal Activity 8 Is Happening – As such Paranormal Activity: The Other Side is already in production with director Wincent Sommers at the helm. This is Sommers’ second time tackling a horror sequel, following a 2020 directorial debut with Slender Man: Origins.

What is paranormal activity next of kin about?

Margot, a young woman who was abandoned by her mother as a baby, travels to a secluded Amish community with a documentary film crew seeking answers about her mother and extended family.

What year was next of kin made?

October 20, 1989 (USA)

How did paranormal activity end?

After the attic door slams by itself, one of the officers panics and shoots and kills her. The camera fades to black as the police officers continue searching the house for the source of the sound. An epilogue text appears dedicating the film to the memory of Micah and Katie.



Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin Trailer #1 (2021)

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