What’s the Christian version of Netflix?

Pure Flix, the Christian version of Netflix, offers thousands of movie and TV titles free of sex, drugs, and ‘immodestly dressed teens.

What are Christians watching on Netflix?

  • A Week Away (2021)
  • Blue Miracle (2021)
  • God Bless the Broken Road (2018)
  • Penguin Bloom (2020)
  • Good Sam (2019)
  • Voices of Fire (2021)
  • Rock My Heart (2019)
  • The Blind Side (2014)

Does Netflix have the Bible series?

Rent The Bible (2013) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Does Netflix have spiritual movies?

Awake: The Life of Yogananda (2014) – One of the most spiritually enlightening documentaries on Netflix, Yogananda’s story is an inspiring example of how to live with purpose and authenticity. Watch Awake: The Life of Yogananda on Netflix here.

How do I watch Pure Flix?

  1. Go to the Home screen on your Device.
  2. Go to the Google Play Store on your device.
  3. In the Google Play Store search for “Pure Flix”.
  4. Click on the Pure Flix app.
  5. Click “Install” on the app store.
  6. After the download has finished click “Open”.

Is Pure Flix free with Amazon Prime?

Is Pure Flix free with Amazon Prime? Pure Flix is not available with Amazon Prime.

Is Pure Flix safe?

Pure Flix is the great Family Friendly ultra clean alternative to Netflix. There are many channels to choose from. Classic TV channels with old tv shows, as well as recent family friendly movies and educational, workouts, independent films, kids sections and clean series shows. The price is great as well.

What movies are playing on Pure Flix?

  • Redeeming Love (2022) PG-13 | 134 min | Drama, History, Romance.
  • God’s Not Dead (2014) PG | 113 min | Drama.
  • Woodlawn (2015)
  • I’m Not Ashamed (2016)
  • The Case for Christ (2017)
  • 6. Moms’ Night Out (2014)
  • Samson (2018)
  • Unplanned (I) (2019)

Does Roku offer PureFlix?

You can add the Pure Flix channel to your Roku by: On the Roku home page, select Streaming Channels. Select Search Channels. Type in “PureFlix”.

How much is up faith and family a month?

For $5.99 a month or $53.99 for an annual subscription, subscribers can access some of the popular shows available on UPtv as well as dramas, uplifting reality, kid’s favorites, family comedies, music, and documentaries. UP Faith & Family can be accessed through all the common connected TV and mobile devices.

How many subscribers does PureFlix have?

PureFlix.com, its on-demand streaming service, attracts more than 125,000 subscribers who pay $10.99 a month.

How much is Pure Flix?

The annual (yearly) subscription price for PureFlix is $69.99 USD per year.

What is the difference between Netflix and Pure Flix?

Netflix subscription prices can range anywhere from $7.99 to $13.99 per month. Pure Flix subscriptions are $10.99 per month and $99.99 per year. Pure Flix is a great way to access good, Christian films, but Netflix gives a wide range of options for everyone.

Are there any Christian streaming services?

Crossflix Plus is a premium platform for watching the best Christian movies. The service has contemporary Christian movies, animated films, comedy shows, and documentaries. The subscription-based platform also allows you to download movies as opposed to only streaming.


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