What year is Star Trek 4 set in?

To save Earth from an alien probe, Admiral James T. Kirk and his fugitive crew go back in time to San Francisco in 1986 to retrieve the only beings who can communicate with it: humpback whal

How did they go back in time in Star Trek 4?

In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, time travel is achieved through some pretty strenuous circumstances. A vessel attempting to travel through time needs to calculate an exact slingshot orbit around the Sun, while speeding at close to Warp Factor 10.

Did Picard know Kirk?

Kirk was presumed dead but he existed within the Nexus until he met Picard, and then the original Captain actually died saving the Veridian star system in the 24th century.

How many times did Kirk go back in time?

Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 did this type of time travel twice in The Original Series, once on accident, once on purpose, and once off-screen to get them to the 20th century in “Assignment: Earth.” But much more famously, Kirk and the Enterprise crew used the slingshot effect to time travel in a

Who was the punk rocker in Star Trek 4?

Kirk Randolph Thatcher (born 14 February 1962; age 60) was an associate producer of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and played the part of the music-blasting Punk on Bus in that film.

Is Star Trek 4 Cancelled?

‘Star Trek 4’ to Begin Production in Late 2022 with Original Cast Set to Return. Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and more are in talks to return. After several creative shifts, Paramount has officially announced they are forging ahead with Star Trek 4.

Does time travel exist in Star Trek?

Time travel is possible in the Star Trek universe — but its rules are inconsistent among the franchise’s TV shows and movies. Time travel is a staple science-fiction trope, but it is also a problematic one. Although it is theoretically possible under Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, it remains purely theoretical.

What did the whales say in Star Trek 4?

“Save the whales,” The One With the Whales urges, “so that one day, the whales may save us.” This is often where analysis of Star Trek IV begins and ends, and it’s not wrong to conclude that the intended takeaway from this film is that we need to be better stewards of our planet.

What was the alien probe in Star Trek 4?

The Whale Probe was the designation for a probe of unknown origin which visited Earth in 2286. It was given this designation due to the fact that it apparently came to Earth in order to contact members of the humpback whale species.

Did they use real whales in Star Trek?

The effects of the film are so incredible that the production received letters of protest for getting that close to real whales during filming. In reality, there are only a few images of real whales in the film, mostly in the breaching sequences.

Which Star Trek is set in San Francisco?

Unlike the previous movies, Star Trek IV was filmed on location in San Francisco, where the crew parks their (invisible) ship in Golden Gate Park, and then visits the very institutions from which Star Trek draws its inspiration.

How long after Star Trek is next generation?

The first episode of Star Trek: Discovery takes place in 2255, a decade before the events of The Original Series. This means the first two seasons are set roughly 110 years before the events of The Next Generation, and roughly 100 years after the events of Enterprise.

How does time travel work in Star Trek?

Sometimes in Trek, time travel creates neither a consistent timeline nor does it replace the one you know. Instead, it creates a new, separate timeline that goes on existing without bothering the original. The most well-known example is from the 2009 film Star Trek.

Will there be a third Star Trek movie?

We’re usually the last people to find out, but I do know we’re all excited,” he revealed in March 2022. “Whenever they want to send us a script, we’re ready for it.” In February 2022, JJ Abrams confirmed that work was under way on the next Star Trek movie.

What year was Star Trek The Voyage Home?

November 26, 1986 (USA)

Who will play Chekov in Star Trek 4?

It’s unclear what the next voyage of Captain Kirk’s crew will be about, and Anton Yelchin’s Chekov will always be missed, but thankfully, Jaylah is already established as a fan-favorite Star Trek character and she is perfect to take Mr. Chekov’s place in Star Trek 4.

What is the best Star Trek movie?

  • #8.
  • #7. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
  • #6. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
  • #5. Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
  • #4. Star Trek Beyond (2016)
  • #3. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
  • #2. Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
  • #1. Star Trek (2009)

How old was William Shatner in the first Star Trek movie?

When he played Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek when it began in 1966, he was around 35 years old. Then, in the ’80s, Celebrity Net Worth notes Shatner reprised his role in a number of Star Trek films. He was in his 50s at the time, and fans couldn’t get enough.

Did Leonard Nimoy swim with a whale?

The film’s crew spent about a week filming in Monterey, with the aquarium’s tide pool area enhanced through special effects into a whale tank. At one point, Nimoy considered using the aquarium’s kelp forest for a scene where he performs a Vulcan mind-meld with a humpback.

Which Star Trek movie went back in time?

To save Earth from an alien probe, Admiral James T. Kirk and his fugitive crew go back in time to San Francisco in 1986 to retrieve the only beings who can communicate with it: humpback whal Read all.

Was there a whale in Star Trek 4?

Few of the humpback whales in the film were real: ILM devised full-size animatronics and small motorized models to stand in for the real creatures. The film was dedicated to the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger, which broke up 73 seconds after takeoff on the morning of January 28, 1986.

What happened to George and Gracie in Star Trek?

By 1986, they had become fully grown, each weighing 45,000 pounds. However, that year it was decided that they had to be released back into the wild because the Institute no longer had the money to feed them their two-ton requirement of shrimp per day.

What year is Star Trek movie set in?

Spock melds with Kirk so that he can understand why he is here. Spock explains that 129 years in the future, in the year 2387, an impending supernova threatened to destroy the home worlds of the Romulan Star Empire and, potentially, the rest of the galaxy as well.

What is the timeline of all the Star Trek series?

YearStardatesEnterprise, The Original Series, The Next Generation, Picard, original timeline films, major events
2266–22671500–3299Star Trek season 1 (1966–1967)
2267–22683300–4799Star Trek season 2 (1967–1968)
2268–22694800–5999Star Trek season 3 (1968–1969)

Is Star Trek 2009 a reboot?

But lo and behold, all of that changed when Paramount released J.J. Abrams’ cinematic reboot, Star Trek (2009). I was sold on the movie the minute I saw the first trailers: it was epic and emotional, and it seemed like something I could get into without all of the baggage that came before.

Is Star Trek 2009 a prequel?

Unlike what I expected some time ago, it has been confirmed that the new Star Trek movie by J.J. Abrams, which is simply named “Star Trek”, is not just a prequel to or a reissue of The Original Series (TOS) with new actors in familiar roles. In fact, “Star Trek (2009)” will tell a totally different story.

How long after Voyager is Picard?

WHAT YEAR IS STAR TREK: PICARD SET? Star Trek: Picard takes place in the year 2399. That’s 14 years after Picard retires, 20 years after Data’s death, and almost 30 years after the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Is Discovery in the Kelvin Timeline?

The latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery featured a major revelation which has officially made the Kelvin timeline movies canon. Starting with 2009’s Star Trek, director J.J. Abrams and his team begun a brand new continuity for the franchise which was separate from the one established with The Original Series.

What is the Stardate in Star Trek 2009?

The 2009 MMORPG Star Trek Online takes place on stardate 86088.58, in the year 2409. Writer Roberto Orci revised the system for the 2009 film Star Trek so that the first four digits correspond to the year, while the remainder was intended to stand for the day of the year.

Why is the Kelvin Timeline?

The Kelvin timeline, or “alternate universe Trek”, creates a new environment in which the events of the more recent Star Trek films (Star Trek, Into Darkness, Beyond) won’t contradict those that came before. It’s also how Spock ended up meeting himself.

Was there a voyager 6?

The fictional Voyager 6 probe around which V’ger was built, was actually a full-scale mock-up of the real world Voyager 1 and 2 probes of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL).



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