What was Danny Trejo’s first movie?

What was the first movie Danny Trejo came out in?

Trejo’s movie career began in 1985, when he “accidentally” landed a role in Runaway Train, playing a boxer for a daily fee of $320. Prior to that, Trejo had served time in prison on multiple occasions and worked as a drug counsellor after his release.

What is Danny Trejo’s best movie?

  • Best: Heat (1995)
  • Worst: L.A. Slasher (2015)
  • Best: Strike One (2014)
  • Worst: The Cloth (2013) Uncork’d Entertainment.
  • Best: Wish Man (2019) Pure Flix.
  • Worst: Zombie Hunter (2013) Highland Film Group.
  • Best: Grindhouse (2007) Dimension Films.
  • Worst: Toxic (2010) Shutterstock.

Who plays Rosa’s dad Brooklyn Nine Nine?

Dan “Danny” Trejo is an American actor. He often appears as villains and antiheroes in films. He portrays Oscar Diaz, Rosa Diaz’s father, in the NBC series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

How did Danny Trejo get famous?

Trejo, with over 300 film and TV roles to his credit, is best known to audiences for his roles in “Spy Kids,” “Breaking Bad” and “Machete,” which made him the first Chicano action star.

What does Trejo mean in Spanish?

What is the meaning of the name Trejo? The name Trejo is primarily a gender-neutral name of Spanish origin that means From Trexo, Spain. Spanish habitational surname, for someone from Trexo, a place in Asturias in northwest Spain.

What movies was Danny Trejo in?

How old was Danny Trejo when he got sober?

This was when Trejo got sober for good, at 24. He immersed himself in the recovery community and eventually became a drug counselor.

How many years sober does Danny Trejo have?

The “Desperado” actor, who has been sober for nearly 53 years, was presented with the inaugural Vanguard Award for his work and advocacy of the recovery community by his filmmaker son, Gilbert Trejo. “Everything from Aug. 23, 1968 to now is just like a dream,” Danny Trejo told Variety, referring to his sobriety date.

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