What really happened in the movie Fractured?

But by the end of the film, you realize that Ray has really been crazy the whole time, unable to cope with his life. The reality that forms around him in the hospital is his brain trying to protect Ray from the horrific trauma of killing another family.

What happened to the wife and daughter in Fractured?

When they stopped to use the bathroom, he got angry at his daughter for not following his instructions and hurled a stone at her. This caused his daughter to fall and die. He also killed his wife and hid their bodies somewhere at the construction site.

Did Ray killed Peri in Fractured?

Ray’s alcoholism and anger drove him to kill his family – What really happens this fateful day is that Peri gets scared by the dog, backing up to the edge of the exposed pit. Ray throws a rock to scare the dog away, but it scares Peri too, leading her to fall back, hit her head on the ground, and bleed out.

What is the hospital hiding in Fractured?

As Ray drives away from the hospital at the end of Fractured, the truth is revealed. The bodies Ray takes from the hospital are actually of the boys from the car accident (one is still alive). Peri and Jo’s bodies are in the trunk; they died at the beginning of the movie.

Where did the scarf come from in Fractured?

Here you can only argue that when Ray entered the hospital he had the scarf with him and when he was treated by doctors, he dropped the scarf that was impregnated with the girl’s blood after falling.

What happens at the end of Fracture 2007?

Jennifer is admitted to a hospital although in a vegetative state with the bullet inside her head. After that, Ted pleads guilty, and due to the unavailability of a murder weapon, he is acquitted. Nunally kills himself, which turns out to be a bonus kill for Ted.

What is the sports car in fracture?

The car driven by Ted Crawford (Sir Anthony Hopkins) is a Porsche Carrera GT (ten cylinder, 612 horsepower). After 1,270 handcrafted pieces, Porsche cancelled the series in April 2006. The price was about $670,000.

Where was the movie Fractured filmed?

Netflix Canada went full-on spooky this October and it completely worked in their favour. But Canadians should be extra excited for the film because Netflix Canada’s Fractured movie was actually filmed in Manitoba. If you haven’t seen Fractured definitely add it to your list.

Is the movie Fractured based on a book?

Catherine McKenzie’s latest novel, Fractured, follows a novelist named Julie Apple, whose best-selling first book, The Murder Game, was loosely based on her own experience in law school.

What mental illness does Ray have in Fractured?

The data is taken from Fractured Movie, which tells the story of the main character, Ray Monroe, who suffers schizophrenia after he has an accident and loses his daughter, Peri Monroe and his wife, Joanne Monroe.


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