What order do the monster Inc movies go in?

Monsters, Inc.
Film(s)Monsters, Inc. (2001) Monsters University (2013)
Short film(s)Mike’s New Car (2002) Party Central (2013)
Animated seriesMonsters at Work (2021)

What is the order of movies for Monsters Inc?

Do I watch Monsters University first?

Technically, Monsters University explains how Mike and Sulley became best friends. However, to fully understand their friendship, watching Monsters Inc. first is your best bet.

How old was Boo in Monsters Inc?

Mary Gibbs as Boo, a two-year-old human toddler girl who is unafraid of any monster except Randall, the scarer assigned to her door. She believes Sulley is a large cat and refers to him as “Kitty”. In the film, one of Boo’s drawings is covered with the name “Mary”.

How are all Pixar movies connected?

Quick Answer: The Pixar Theory is a fan theory authored by Jon Negroni that connects all the Pixar films into one coherent timeline, starting with The Good Dinosaur and ending with Monsters, Inc. It explains the existence of magic, intelligent animals, and even talking cars all in one interconnected universe.

What Monster Inc comes first?

Monsters, Inc. is the first film of the Monsters, Inc. series, released in 2001. The film was re-released in 3D on December 19, 2012. A prequel to the film, Monsters University, was released on June 21, 2013.

In what order should I watch Monster Inc?

  1. Monsters, Inc. (2001)
  2. Monsters University (2013)
  3. Monsters at Work (2021)

Is Monster University the first movie?

Monsters University is the fourteenth feature film of Pixar, and the prequel to the 2001 film Monsters, Inc.. It was directed by Dan Scanlon and produced by Kori Rae.

Is Monsters Inc or Monsters University first?

It is a prequel to Monsters, Inc. (2001), making it the only time Pixar has made a prequel film. Monsters University tells the story of the main characters of Monsters, Inc., James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, and their time at college, where they start off as rivals, but slowly become best friends.

Is there a Monsters Inc 2?

2: Lost in Scaradise was a canceled sequel to Monsters Inc. It would have been produced by Circle 7 Animation, a company owned by Disney. It was gonna revolve around Mike and Sulley going to the human world to see Boo in time for her birthday.

What does Monsters Inc stand for?

The Pixar film Monsters, Inc. implements aspects of science fiction to express gratitude towards those who stand against racism in modern society. The movie captures this statement by utilizing two talking monsters, Mike Wazowski, a short, green, one-eyed individual, and James P.

What happened to Randall in Monsters Inc?

Randall is sent to monster prison afterward and Mike’s name is cleared. Later, Randall would be freed by Sid Phillips (who had visited the Monster World earlier) alongside Mr. Waternoose and the three would together work on another revenge plot.


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