What movie is the song The Climb from?

Was The Climb written for the Hannah Montana movie?

Songwriter Jessi Alexander and her co-writer Jon Mabe may be two of the briefest Grammy nominees in history: “The Climb” got pulled from the Best Song Written for a Motion Picture race yesterday, after Disney determined that it hadn’t been written specifically for the Miley Cyrus vehicle Hannah Montana: The Movie (as

Where did the song The Climb is originated from?

“The Climb” is a song recorded by American singer Miley Cyrus, for the 2009 film Hannah Montana: The Movie. The song was written by Jessi Alexander and Jon Mabe, and produced by John Shanks.

Did Miley Cyrus really sing on Hannah Montana?

Miley Is Singing All Her Hannah Montana-Era Classics For The First Time In Years. “Fly on the Wall” is still a banger in 2022. Miley Cyrus may have left her long blonde wig in the past, but she’s still keeping the spirit of her alter ego Hannah Montana alive in 2022.

What song did Taylor Swift wrote for Miley Cyrus?

You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” is a country pop song written for the 2009 film Hannah Montana: The Movie. The song is performed by Hannah Montana, a character Miley Cyrus portrays in the film. The song was written by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and American singer Martin Johnson.

When did the song The Climb come out?


When did Miley Cyrus write The Climb?

“The Climb” is a song performed by American singer Miley Cyrus, for the 2009 film Hannah Montana: The Movie. The song was written by Jessi Alexander and Jon Mabe, and produced by John Shanks. It was released on February 10, 2009, as the lead single of the film’s soundtrack by Walt Disney Records.

Who wrote the Hannah Montana songs?

1.“The Best of Both Worlds”Matthew Gerrard Robbie Nevil
2.“Who Said”Gerrard Nevil Jay Landers
3.“Just Like You”Adam Watts Andy Dodd
4.“Pumpin’ Up the Party”Jamie Houston

How long is The Climb VR?

Main Story24h
Main + Extras26h 30m
All PlayStyles45h 52m

How long is The Climb 2?

Main Story33h 37m
Main + Extras28h 21m
Completionists115h 28m
All PlayStyles67h 10m

What album is The Climb on?

Cyrus performed “The Climb,” her climactic ballad from Hannah Montana: The Movie, for the first time in six years to promote the release of her sixth album, Younger Now, at midnight.

Which episode is The Climb on Hannah Montana?

The Idol Side of Me.

What song does Hannah Montana song when she takes off her wig?

I’ll Always Remember You” during a montage of Miley remembering her life as Hannah. “Wherever I Go” on the second The Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance, after pulling off the wig.

Is blue jeans actually Miley’s horse?

In “Love That Let’s Go,” Miley’s horse Blue Jeans — which she’d had since she was a little kid — got seriously sick after being bitten by a snake. Fortunately he recovered, but the show’s credits later revealed that this episode was dedicated to Miley’s real horse, Roam-Man, who passed away in 2009.

What is the best episode of Hannah Montana?

  1. 1 “Can You See The Real Me?”
  2. 2 “What I Don’t Like About You”
  3. 3 “You Didn’t Say It Was Your Birthday”
  4. 4 “The Way We Almost Weren’t”
  5. 5 “I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak”
  6. 6 “Get Down Study-udy-udy”

What episode did Hannah Montana reveal herself?

Can You See the Real Me? “I’ll Always Remember You” is an hour special of Hannah Montana. It is the 94th episode of the series, and the ninth of the fourth season. The episode tells the story of Miley considering telling the world she is Hannah Montana on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

How many times did Hannah Montana reveal herself?

Hannah Montana Revealed Her Double Life Five Times on Her Disney Channel Original Series.

Which episode does Miley sing he could be the one?

He Could Be the One (Episode)
Season 3, Episode 18
Air DateJuly 5, 2009
Guest cast
PreviousMiley Hurt the Feelings of the Radio Star

Why did Oliver leave Hannah Montana?

Mitchel Musso (Oliver Oken) – In 2011, at age 20, he was arrested for a DUI, after which his character was written off the former show and the latter was canceled.

What episode is Love That Lets Go?

“Love That Lets Go” is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Hannah Montana.

What episode of Hannah Montana does Lily fall off the horse?

Love That Lets Go is the 7th episode of “Hannah Montana Forever” which aired on September 12, 2010.

How old was Miley Cyrus when The Climb?

When this reached #1 on the on the Adult Contemporary chart, Miley was 16 years and seven months old. This meant she was the youngest artist to top that survey since LeAnn Rimes reached the summit with “How Do I Live” in September 1997 just two weeks after her 15th birthday.

Who said life’s a climb but the view is great?

Quote by Miley Cyrus: “Life’s a climb. But the view is great.”


The Climb – Hannah Montana: The Movie

The Climb

Miley Cyrus – The Climb (From Hannah Montana: The Movie)

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