What movie is Goodfellas based on?

Goodfellas is based on New York crime reporter Nicholas Pileggi’s book, Wiseguy. Martin Scorsese did not intend to make another mob film, but he saw a review of Pileggi’s book, which he then read while working on the set of The Color of Money in 1986.

Is Goodfellas based on a true movie?

Henry Hill was a real person – The movie Goodfellas is based on the biographical book Wiseguy, written by Nicholas Pileggi. The book is based on the account of Henry Hill, an associate of the Luchese crime family before he became an FBI informant. The main characters were all based around real people in Hill’s life.

What movie is based on the Lufthansa heist?

The book is about the 1978 robbery of the Lufthansa Airline cargo building at Kennedy Airport. Henry Hill, immortalized in Martin Scorsese’s blockbuster film, Goodfellas, was one of the organizers. This robbery stands as the largest unrecovered cash theft in history.

Why was Jimmy killed in Goodfellas?

DeSimone’s third murder, described by Hill, was of a young man named Michael “Spider” Gianco, who was serving as a bartender at a card game. Gianco and DeSimone had an argument, after Gianco forgot DeSimone’s drink, that resulted in DeSimone pulling out a handgun and shooting him in the thigh.

Should I watch Godfather or Goodfellas?

I personally think the Godfather is the better movie but Goodfellas is a much more realistic mob movie. Michael’s character arc over the two movies is much more compelling than Henry’s (who was outshined by the others). But the mobsters are idolized in the Godfather movies.

Is The Godfather and Sopranos related?

The Corleones weren’t mere fictional characters; they were real. And through the wizardry of words and celluloid, that mob family became my family, our family, an integral part of the American family, which endures, from The Godfather to The Sopranos and forever more.

Is there a fourth Godfather movie?

Please Note: This is a cancelled project, and thus non-canon. Following the mixed reaction of the third film, Francis Ford Coppola stated that the idea of a fourth had been discussed but Mario Puzo died on July 2, 1999, before they had a chance to write the film.


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