What is The Voyeurs film about?

Innocent curiosity turns into full-blown obsession when a young Montreal couple spy on their eccentric neighbours across the street.

What is The Voyeurs movie about?

Innocent curiosity turns into full-blown obsession when a young Montreal couple spy on their eccentric neighbours across the street.

Is voyeur based on a true story?

Netflix is releasing another intriguing true-crime documentary. And it looks to be one of its creepiest yet. Voyeur tells the story of Gerald Foos, a Colorado motel owner who allegedly spent decades spying on his guests using an elaborate system of specially designed vents. Foos himself is interviewed extensively.

Is The Voyeurs appropriate?

Parents need to know that The Voyeurs is a not-at-all-for-kids drama about a couple who find themselves watching their neighbors across the way. But what starts out as harmless fun becomes an obsession that leads to horrible things. The film focuses entirely on sex and watching sex, and to an absurdly violent extent.

Did Pippa make them blind?

Once in there, the drugged wine took effect. While passed out from the drugs, Pippa got Seb and Julia to the laser machine. Turned up, she was able to blind them both.

Why is the movie voyeurs rated R?

The Voyeurs Age Rating is R for Some Disturbing Images, Brief Graphic Nudity, Nudity, Language, Strong Sexual Content.

What is another word for voyeur?

nosy parkerobserver
watcherpeeping tom

What do you watch after voyeurs?

  • 3 Get Out (2016)
  • 4 Funny Games (2007)
  • 5 Us (2019)
  • 6 The Gift (2015)
  • 7 Greta (2018)
  • 8 One Hour Photo (2002)
  • 9 Blowup (1966)
  • 10 Rear Window (1954)

What happened to their eyes at the end of The Voyeurs?

Understandably unhappy with the revelation that Thomas died because of an art project, the optometrist Pippa plants a spiked wine bottle in Seb and Julia’s home, lures the treacherous couple to her workplace, and uses a LASIK machine to permanently blind the voyeuristic villains once the drugs take hold and they

Did Thomas commit suicide in The Voyeurs?

After Julia’s apparent suicide, Thomas left. He couldn’t be with Pippa anymore. However, he had a change of heart and returned with flowers only to see Pippa and Seb together in Seb’s apartment. When Pippa returned home the next morning she found Thomas had hanged himself.

What is The Voyeurs about on prime?

A young couple (Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith), find themselves becoming interested in the sex life of their neighbors across the street (Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo). What starts as an innocent curiosity turns into an unhealthy obsession, after they discover that one neighbor is cheating.

Is Nocturne a horror movie?

Nocturne is a 2020 American psychological horror film written and directed by Zu Quirke. The film stars Sydney Sweeney, Madison Iseman, Jacques Colimon and Ivan Shaw. Jason Blum serves as a producer under his Blumhouse Television banner.

Did Netflix remove The Voyeurs?

Sadly, you can’t watch this movie on Netflix, and it doesn’t look like the film will ever make its way to the streaming platform.

Is The Voyeurs movie based on a book?

Director Michael Mohan wanted to throwback to erotic thrillers such as “Basic Instinct” and “Body Heat” for the title sequence to his new film, “The Voyeurs,” now streaming on Amazon Prime. The familiar florid font was inspired by the book covers of romance novelist Danielle Steel.

Is The Voyeurs a horror?

But by the time that The Voyeurs dives fully into horror movie terrain with a sequence that may leave you gasping and groaning in equal measure over its audaciously on-the-nose symbolism, it’s hard to deny that Mohan’s preposterous fable doesn’t exert the dark pull of voyeurism itself.

What did Pippa do to their eyes?

The wine sent by Pippa was mixed with sleeping drugs, and it kicked in at the right moment. Pippa put Julia and Seb’s on the operating table, and with the help of the machine, Pippa burnt their eyes (pupil or iris, maybe). In the end, two boys moved into the apartment opposite Julia and Seb’s studio.

Is The Voyeurs a thriller?

The Voyeurs is a 2021 American erotic thriller film written and directed by Michael Mohan. Shot and set in Montreal, it stars Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith as a young couple who spy on and become obsessed by the lives of their neighbors across the street (Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo).


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