What is the story of movie Ginny weds sunny?

Eager to marry but constantly rejected by women, a bachelor hopes to win over a former crush by accepting help from an unlikely source: her mother.

What happens in Ginny Weds Sunny?

Ginny Weds Sunny is the story of Ginny and Sunny and their inability to marry. Sunny is all ready to marry anyone in order to kickstart his restaurant business, with the blessings of his father. But he does not get any girl who would like to marry him immediately and become a ‘partner’ in his restaurant business.

Which Gurudwara was shown in Ginny Weds Sunny?

One of the Ginny Weds Sunny scenes showcases a destination wedding which is carried out at a place called Noor Mahal.

When Ginny Weds Sunny review?

Bafflingly, blisteringly bad, Ginny Weds Sunny is an impressively incompetent disaster in every respect. April 13, 2021 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review… Yami Gautam and Vikrant Massey dutifully play the yes-no-maybe game and are perfectly decent in their respective roles, but they struggle to get a fire going.

Do Ginny and sunny get married?

Yami Gautam stars in director Puneet Khanna’s Ginny Weds Sunny as Princess Simran Juneja aka Ginny, an insurance professional in Delhi who keeps hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Nishant Rathee (Suhail Nayyar).


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