What is the rating on Kung Fu Panda?

Is Kung Fu Panda OK for a 5 year old?

A Comedy For Both Kids And Adults – The only thing is it might be a bit dark for kids under 6.

Is Kung Fu Panda scary?

With plenty of colourful characters, giggle-worthy slapstick, and a truly epic and FUN ‘final battle’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’ is the perfect film for the family. With some scary parts and emotionally affecting moments, we would recommend this film for all ages but would recommend parental supervision for children under 5.

Is despicable me OK for kids?

Despicable Me is an entertaining children’s comedy. It also has enough layers to appeal to audiences of all ages. The animation is skilfully conceived and constructed. The characters are given depth by the cast.

Is Kung Fu Panda violent?

There is frequent violence in this movie, some of which could disturb children and some of which they might imitate. For example: Master Shifu often strikes Po harshly about the head and body with his bamboo rod.

Is Kung Fu Panda for adults?

It’s an animated film by Dreamworks, a studio with a reputation of not having much to offer to adult audiences, especially compared to other animation studios like Disney and Pixar. It’s also a comedy for kids about a clumsy chubby panda, with a prominent wacky comedian voicing the lead role.

Why is how do you train your dragon Rated PG?

How To Train Your Dragon is rated PG by the MPAA PG for sequences of intense action and some scary images, and brief mild language.

How old is Po the panda?

Master Ping Xiao Po The Dragon Warrior
FamilyMr. Ping (adoptive father) Li Shan (biological father) Unnamed biological mother
Significant othersTigress Lu-Shi (ex-fiancée)
Age20s (from Kung Fu Panda)

What age is Paddington Bear movie suitable for?

Paddington is ideal for children aged over seven years. Despite its G rating, this movie isn’t recommended for children aged under five years, and we recommend parental guidance for children aged 5-7 years. This is because of the violent and scary elements in the movie.

Is Kung Fu Panda a good movie?

“Kung Fu Panda” is not one of the great recent animated films. The story is way too predictable, and truth to tell, Po himself didn’t overwhelm me with his charisma. But it’s elegantly drawn, the action sequences are packed with energy, and it’s short enough that older viewers will be forgiving.

How old is kung fu the rapper?

Kung-Fu was born on 7 September 2002. Kung-Fu is 19 years old.

Is Kung Fu Panda a PG?

Kung Fu Panda is rated PG by the MPAA for sequences of martial arts action. Although this film contains only mild name-calling and some brief rude humor, it is jam packed with depictions of martial arts action.

Is Kung Fu Panda 4 coming out?

Kung Fu Panda 4 movie will be released in the United States of America on 28 June 2022. The movie will be released in other countries on 29 June 2022.

Is Kung Fu Panda 2 rated G?

Kung Fu Panda 2 is rated PG by the MPAA for sequences of martial arts action and mild violence.

How does Kung Fu Panda 2 end?

The peacock closes his eyes and accepts his fate as the weapon crushes him. Po soon reunites with the other Masters and the city celebrates Po’s victory with fireworks. Po reuniting with his father Mr. Ping Back in the Valley of Peace, Po reunites with Mr.

What animal are the bandits in Kung Fu Panda 2?

Master Croc was once the head of the infamous Wool Stealing Crocodile Bandits of Crocodile Island – a gang of criminals unmatched in their mischief.

Is Kung Fu Panda 3 rated G?

Kung Fu Panda 3 is rated PG by the MPAA for martial arts action and some mild rude humor.

Is Kung Fu Panda 3 good for kids?

Because of some violent and scary scenes, we don’t recommend Kung Fu Panda 3 for children under 7 years. We recommend parental guidance for children aged 7-9 years. You could talk with your children about the complex nature of family, and how blood relationships don’t always define family.

What animal is Kai in Panda 3?

Looking ahead to Kung Fu Panda 3, the next villain will be Kai (J.K. Simmons), a bull who is especially notable because he is the first supernatural big bad of the series.

Who is the villain in Kung Fu Panda 3?

J.K. Simmons is going into beast mode in Kung Fu Panda 3. USA TODAY reveals that Simmons will be voicing the villainous bull Kai in Panda 3 (opening Jan.

Does Po ever meet his parents?

In Kung Fu Panda 3Po meets his biological father, Li, when he travels to the Valley of Peace, after telling him that he received a message from the universe to come looking for him.

Will there be another Kung Fu Panda movie?

“What’s black and white and knows kung fu? It’s me. Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, new Kung Fu Panda series, coming to Netflix July 2022.

Who is the voice of Kung Fu Panda’s dad?

Fred Tatasciore is the voice of Panda Dad in Kung Fu Panda 2, and Naomi Kusumi is the Japanese voice.


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