What is the point of The Harder They Fall?

On the surface, “The Harder They Fall” is a revenge story, a man hunting down the killer of his parents. Beneath that, however, it’s much deeper. It’s a love story about two men caught in a never-ending cycle of violence because of their loss.

Who’s the person at the end of The Harder They Fall?

The mysterious figure at the end of The Harder They Fall is actually Regina King’s Trudy Smith.

Did Trudy survive in The Harder They Fall?

Their confrontation ends when Mary hits Trudy with the butt of her gun, knocking her out and spraying her blood everywhere. Mary then screams at Trudy’s body after the exhausting confrontation finishes but we don’t see Trudy die as violently as we see the other characters—it turns out, that’s because she doesn’t die.

Who is treacherous Trudy?

Rufus’s crew includes “Treacherous” Trudy Smith (Regina King) and Cherokee Bill (Lakeith Stanfield). King’s character is a breakout in the film for being a tough outlaw after being abused as a child and killing a bully who made fun of her polio-ridden sister.

Is The Harder They Fall based on a true story?

To make it even more notable, all of the major characters in “The Harder They Fall” are based on real-life historical figures — despite the message at the beginning of the film letting viewers know that the “events are fictional.” So who were these real-life cowboys — and how accurately did the film portray them?

Is there a harder they fall 2?

Netflix has yet to announce official plans for a follow-up to “The Harder They Fall,” but director Jeymes Samuel has made it very clear that he plans to return to the Old West as soon as he can.

Is The Harder They Fall violent?

Parents need to know that The Harder They Fall is a cheeky, arty, graphically violent Western about real-life outlaw Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) and his enemy, Rufus Buck (Idris Elba), who murdered Love’s parents.

How bloody is The Harder They Fall?

All the violence in the film is incredibly stylised and bloody. It’s mostly comedic but it is disturbing in context at times. A man is shot in the cheek. Not very graphic, but blood can be seen both on his cheek and on the other side of his head.


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