What is the point behind the movie The Platform?

“It’s about the limits of your own solidarity and how easy it is to be a good person when you’re comfortably in level 10, but how hard it is to do so when at level 182,” he added.

What is the meaning of the platform movie ending?

They had planned to send the panna cotta back up, but the child is hungry, so they take pity on her and let her eat. She becomes the message: an innocent who was able to survive on the lowest level due to the kindness of others.

How did the child in the platform survive?

This isn’t fully explained in the film, but it seems that the mother’s repeated descent on the platform wasn’t an attempt to find her daughter, but to bring food to the bottom floor and ensure she remained there, alone and unharmed. A mother’s love, her selflessness and dedication, ensured the survival of her daughter.

What happened to Goreng at the end of the platform?

Goreng owes his life to Miharu as she saved him from Trimagasi. But he’s unable to return the favour, and she’s stabbed to death. He is left fatally wounded and dies with regret in his heart. Regret for not completing his mission, regret for not being able to save Miharu.

How many levels are there in the platform?

When meeting Imoguiri (Antonia San Juan), who previously worked for the administration, Goreng believes that there are 200 levels, but by the film’s conclusion, 333 levels are revealed, half of 666.

Why is the little girl the message in the platform?

The young girl represents hope, purity, and morality. She is a message to the people at Level 0 (who assume the worst about the prisoners) that not everyone has lost their humanity. There are still people who will do the right thing. At least, this is what Goreng hopes will happen.

Why is panna cotta a platform?

While their idea is noble in spirit, finding solidarity is difficult in practice. Goreng and Baharat can’t get everyone on board, violently attacking naysayers. Upon one inmate’s advice, they preserve a plate of panna cotta as a symbol for the people on level zero, who *might* have a conscience.


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