What is the movie unplugged about?

Parents need to know that Grace Unplugged is a faith-based family drama about an 18-year-old who runs away to Los Angeles to become a pop star against the express wishes of her Christian parents.

What is the movie Grace Unplugged about?

Musically gifted, teenage Grace (AJ Michalka) wants to do more than perform in her father’s church band. She longs for pop stardom, but her father, a former music idol, warns her that fame often comes with a high price and that using her gift in the service of God is a loftier goal. When his former manager pays a visit, Grace decides to take his offer of a shot at the big time. But, the more successful she becomes, the more she feels pressure to compromise her religious values.

Is Grace Unplugged on Netflix?

Rent Grace Unplugged (2013) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Who is the singer in Grace Unplugged?

A J Michalka, the star of “Grace Unplugged,” used to record with her sister in the teen-pop duo Aly and A J. (They now perform as 78Violet.) The songs were sturdy, melodic and espoused wholesome self-reliance.

Is the movie Grace Unplugged a true story?

The movie is based on the parable of The Prodigal Son and in part on the real-life experience of producer Russ Rice, whose daughter ran away from home after rejecting the Christian faith in which she was raised.”

What does having grace mean?

1 attractiveness, charm, gracefulness, comeliness, lissomeness; refinement, class. 3 kindness, kindliness, love, benignity; benevolence. 4 forgiveness, charity, mercifulness.

Is Grace trey a real singer?

Grace Trey is a phenomenal singer. But at the tender age of eighteen, after she gets the music break of a lifetime and is thrust into the “real world” – her faith is put to the test. Grace Trey is a phenomenal singer.

Who is AJ Michalka married to?

2009“I Want You to Want Me”
2009“Someone to Fall Back On”
2010“Brand New Day”Hellcats (Music from the Television Series)

Why is unplugging rated R?

The Movie, Unplugging age rating is R for language, some sexual content, and brief drug use.

Where was unplugging filmed?

Principal photography began in October 2020. The film was shot in various locations in Oklahoma in the USA, including Tulsa.

What is the National Day of Unplugging?

On the first Friday in March, National Day of Unplugging, kicks off a 24 hour period from sundown to sundown, to unplug, unwind, relax and do things other than using today’s technology, electronics, and social media.

Does unplugging save electricity?

By unplugging personal desktop equipment for the hours you’re away from work, in one year you can save more energy than required to light a basketball game at UBC Okanagan.


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